Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Despite the shock of your girlfriends revelation, the cogs in your head start to spin. “Hmmm… you want to be fucked by a whole village huh? And I can sell your body? Hmmm… how about this. That car park at the lookout in the hills is a popular spot for dogging…” Ignoring Rachel’s raised eyebrow you continue, “how about I take you out to there, strip you naked, trap you in the window of the car, and charge the dudes for a ride of the village bicycle?”

“Wow! That’s amazing Ross! Three of my fantasies at once… dogging, being sold… and being… being the village bicycle… oh god… how did you come up with that? You’re so sick, but I love it! I love you!” Rachel gushes. “I love my perverted boyfriend!”

Trying to hide the fact that you’ve always wanted to see your girlfriend be the center of a gangbang being used by a bunch of guys like a piece of meat, you shrug. “I love you too, and if this is what you want, I’m happy to go along…”

“Oh yes, Ross, this sounds soooo good!” Rachel replies, slowly kneeling before you, “I can’t thank you enough!” Taking your engorged member into her mouth she finishes, “but I can try… how’s this for a start?” pushing you back into the bed.

Rachel’s enthusiasm surprises you as you feel her nose press into your crotch and hear her gag. You’re so worked up that you reach out and pull her head back and forth fucking your girlfriend’s face. After a few minutes Rachel is clearly struggling to breath, so you ease up.

“Ummph! No Ross!” Rachel pants as she pushes her face back into your crotch, “Those guys… are probably… gunna be… pretty rough… with me…” she continues as she reaches up and clamps your hands tighter onto her head. “And you’re… usually so… gentle… it’s best that… you… prepare me… for… for… tomorrow night!”

Sensing you about to cum, Rachel leans in one last time forcing your cock into her throat, and holds herself there waiting. She doesn’t have to wait long. Overcome with lust, you pump your hips and erupt, blasting load after load of cum directly down her throat. Rachel’s arms flap wildly, gagging the whole time, “hmmmpph, hmmmm, urrrgh, arrhhh, nnurhhg!”

Eventually the torrent slows and you slowly slide your cock out of Rachel’s mouth. She coughs and a load of cum and thick saliva gushes over her lips below her beet red face. Looking up at your she smiles. “Wow! That was not what I expected Ross… but, um, thanks… is that what you really think is going to happen tomorrow? Will the guys be that rough? Don’t get me wrong, I loved it! But I think I’ll need a drink or two if they’re all going use me like as good as that!” she exclaims with a huge smile.

Slumping back into the bed, all you can do is nod. After few minutes the lust clears and you have a coherent thought. “Rachel, as good as this all seems, I don’t think that we want these guys knowing who you are. Using your body for their pleasure is one thing, but-”

Rachel cuts you off. “Yeah, I was thinking that too. If you just stuck me in the car window and watched from the shadows, that’d work for you. Maybe you could buy one of those bondage masks? The ones that cover the whole head with just a zipper for my mouth and eye holes? With my hair pulled back in a ponytail, I’d be safe then?”

“A gimp mask?” you reply in shock, “yeah, I guess that’d work… pretty kinky Rachel.”

“Yeah… but it would work, ” she replies as her face reddens again, “it’d also sorta depersonalize me. I’d be like a fuckdoll to them. Just a piece of meat.” She slides her hand down to rub her pussy. “Please, say you’ll get me one? Please!” she moans.

The sight of your girlfriend kneeling before you with saliva and cum dripping onto her luscious boobs is to much to take. You can’t say no. “Okay, I’ll get one tomorrow and we’ll get you boozed up, turn you into a slutty little gimp-mask-wearing fuckdoll village bicycle, trap you in the car window and go dogging!”

“Oooh!” Rachel shudders as an orgasm wracks her body, “I can’t wait!”