Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

“Oh, I think it’s best if I do the honours! You see Ross, it’s like this. When you hypnotized me that first time, I just went along with it for a laugh.” Seeing your confusion, she goes on, “yeah I thought it’s be a bit of fun!”

“Wait, what? But you… you… got into the car…”

Rachel laughs at your reply. “Yeah, Jimmy turning up was a bit of a shock, but… well… I was serious about the ‘being controlled’ thing… and then when you didn’t intervene… well… it presented an… interesting opportunity. Then when you turned up,” she goes on, reaching out to stroke your dick, “and seemed to enjoy what was going on, I couldn’t help it. I handed over total control. Just like you instructed me to.”

“But I thought…” you retort, but Rachel cuts you off. “Thought what? Don’t think I didn’t know what you were doing snapping me out of it with the keyword… trying some sort of subliminal implantation were we? Don’t worry, it was a stroke of genius,” Rachel continues, seeing your face flush with embarrassment. “I’m more than happy to have this be a part of our normal life. When Jimmy walked up to me on the way to work, it was sooo funny when he said ‘drama’ I just couldn’t help myself and I told him all about it!”

“Yeah bro, it was awesome,” says Jimmy. “We went back to my place and had some fun. Man! It’s so good having a personal fuckdoll. She’s so into it, bro. She sucked and fucked me so hard!” Slapping your girlfriend on her plump ass and eliciting a squeal, he goes on, “I thought you were gunna break my dick, Rachel!”

Turning back to you, Rachel returns to sliding her hand up and down your swelling member. “Hmmm… I can see you’re a little conflicted about this, but I want you to know that I,” she goes on in between long slow strokes, “have… no… issues… at… all!”

Trying to not to cum yet again, you stammer a reply. “But, but what about that stuff at work? If you, you weren’t subliminally influenced, then, then you made that up… about you… you…”

“Oh, that? Nope. I really did…” Rachel responds , now lapping her tongue up the length of your dick, “give… them… an… ice… cream… show…” Sitting back on her haunches with a giggle she goes on. “They seemed to like it as much as you are. Next time they might get the real deal though… if they tell me to… I wouldn’t have any choice would I? Do you you think they will?” she finishes with a raised eyebrow.

“Rachel!” you exclaim in shock, “but you’re not really hypnotized! You don’t have to do anything!” you cry as your dick betrays your real feelings.

Looking at you with a glint in her eye, Rachel shakes her head. “But Ross, the control thing is real. I don’t want to have any choice. That’s my choice. It’s part of our everyday life now. I know it’s risky, but really, how often does a guy actually tell a girl to do something sexual out of the blue? Only you and Jimmy know about #IamAFuckdoll Rachel after all! Anyway, don’t you want your own personal fuckdoll?”

Trying to regain your senses, you hastily retort. “But that’s all just fake! That face…”

Rachel laughs, “Hahahaha, the, what do they call it? Ahegao face? That’s real… I guess seeing it in that kinky anime porn you watch,” smiles your girlfriend seeing you blush. “Yeah, I’ve seen your browser history, Ross, and it must have rubbed off… so when Jimmy told me he was gunna bust a nut in my pussy and I’d lose my mind… it just happened! It was as much of a shock to me as anyone… but it did clarify things for me. It’s all real. Inside, I know I’m #IamAFuckdoll Rachel!”

“Enough chitchat!” interrupts Jimmy. “My dick won’t suck itself! Get on to it, fuckdoll!”

“Oh yes ‘master!’ Your wish is my command!” Rachel chirps, quickly spinning around and going to work on Jimmy’s cock. “Do you… have lots… of thick… ,” your girlfriend continues between slurps, “creamy cum… for me? Fuckdolls like me… just… love it… it’s the… best!”

Watching your girlfriends plump juicy ass moving back and forth as she bobs up and down the length of Jimmy’s eight-inch rod removes all thought from your mind. You just have to have a piece of it. Pulling yourself off the couch, you kneel down behind her and slide your aching boner into Rachel’s sloppy pussy. Rachel moans. “Oh god Ross, that feels so good. Do me! Give it to me!”

“Yeah boy! Fuck her, Ross! Pound that pussy! It’s what she’s made for, bro!” Jimmy interjects pulling your girlfriends head down deeper onto his cock silencing her. Rachel’s whole body starts to quiver.

Seizing your opportunity, you yell, “Rachel, I’m gunna nut in your pussy!” This pushes Rachel over the edge and her body stiffens and a series of grunts and moans escape her lips as Jimmy pulls her mouth off his cock.

“Hmmm… hmmm… huumph… mmm… mmm… urg… hmmm… oooohhhhmy gaaaawwwd… I’m cummmmiiiinnnggg!”

While your girlfriend announces her orgasm, you watch as Jimmy grabs her hair with one hand and pulls her head up to face him. With the other hand he furiously jacks off spewing rope after rope of cum all over Rachel’s pretty face. “Oh dude! This is awesome! I didn’t think anything could beat that face, but coated in cum it’s next level, bro!”

By now Rachel’s orgasm is subsiding and her mind starts to return. “Oh my god!” she exclaims, reaching up to scoop a load of Jimmy’s cum off her cheek, “That’s such a waste!” She continues as she licks her fingers clean, “Mmm, hmm! Your cum is always so sweet, do you eat a lot of pineapples?” she asks. “Ross’s is usually a bit salty. Hey, hold that thought!”

Rachel reaches behind and scoops some of your cum from her back. She then takes a thick wad of Jimmy’s cum from her cheek and mixes them together in the palm of her hand. With a big smile she then raises her hand to her mouth and laps it clean. “Mmmm,” she shudders, “oh yeah, sweet and salty! Yummy!”

“Ooh, so you’re into cum cocktails huh? That could be interesting…”

What does Jimmy mean?