Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Th3Warl0ck...)

Your mind immediately thinks of a few celebrities. That’s when everything clicks for you. For you see, in the last couple of days Rachel has been on about having a celebrity hall pass. Now admittedly you yourself already had a list thought of. So you were relieved she brought it up at the time. As it turns out you both had a few celebrity crushes in common. In keeping the common ones you both came up with a mutual list.

“So who did you have in mind, someone from the list?” you ask while teasing her nipples with your hands.

“Mmm ah um yes and mmm that feels good.. and no..” she moans out, squirming under your touch. “My sister’s work is hosting a gala tomorrow night and supposedly there’s a bunch of celebrities are going to it. She said she could get us in,” she finally is able to say.

You pause, giving your girlfriend some relief, you start thinking about the cost of getting a new suit or renting a tux. It must have shown on your face because Rachel quickly says, “Or we can try our luck at the convention we’re going this weekend?”