Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

You click on the first video, and once it loads you pull your cock out. You know what’s coming… or so you think!

You’re first greeted to the sight of your girlfriend kneeling between all three guys. She is in the black lacy bra and panties set, and the guys are in boxers. The camera is positioned so that you can see the four of them at the foot of a bed.

“So what are we doing again, John?” Rachel asks.

“It’s basically like musical chairs except you’re going to be hopping between our dicks. When the music stops, you and the guy you’re with have five minutes in this room to yourselves to do whatever you might want to do. While you guys are doing this whoever isn’t involved will go wait in the bathroom. Once the timer goes off, you have ten seconds to get situated before we come back into the room. First guy to cum loses the game, and he’s out. Once the second guy cums, the third guy is the winner. Winner will get to buy something off the company card, within reason, of course! Does everyone understand?” John asks.

“Yep!” is the general response.

“Alright, here we go! And the music will not be in the control of any of us. I found an automatically stopping/starting set online, so there’s no bias! Let’s begin!” John exclaims as he starts the music.

For the first round through the guys, Rachel strokes their growing hard-ons through their boxers, and once she’s been around you can see their tents forming. She’s working from her right to left, which would be John, Dan, and Paul in that order.

Rachel has all three guys drop their boxers to reveal what they’re working with, and she playfully strokes each of their cocks, working them up a little more. The music pauses when she’s about to leave Paul, and now comes the first round. John pauses the music before he and Dan walk off frame. You hear a door shut, and once it does, Paul and Rachel jump into action! You can see, however, that the timer hasn’t been started!

Rachel rapidly jerks Paul to full mast, which is a solid eight inches or so. She quickly takes him between her lips and starts sucking on his cock furiously, and you can hear her loud slurping through the video as Paul moans.

Paul says through his moans, “are you trying to make me lose?”

“No, we can make it last longer,” Rachel says back suggestively.

She lets his cock go and stands up, proceeding to kiss Paul. He kisses back, and before you know it, they’re in a deep make out session. They wander over to the edge of the bed behind them after trudging through the pile of boxers on the floor, and Paul pushes your girlfriend onto the bed. He backs up and leans over, tugging at Rachel’s panties.

She sticks her hips up and Paul slides them down and off her, the panties pooling beneath them on the floor. Paul then leans down and starts to eat Rachel out, causing her to moan out.

Then, you hear John call out from the bathroom, “Is it time yet?”

Paul lets Rachel go, and looks at the timer. He mutters, “Oh shit,” before he leans over and hits the start button. “Yeah, there’s a couple minutes left!” he replies.

“Let’s make this quick,” he says to Rachel.

Rachel is holding onto her knees, pulling her legs back, which sticks her ass out on the edge of the bed. Paul lines his cock up with her pussy, which is dripping wet, and sends it home.

Rachel moans out as Paul slowly penetrates her. Once he bottoms out, he slowly pulls back, and you can see her pussy lips stretching around his cock, attempting to keep him from pulling back out. He stops with just the tip inside her, and pushes all the way back into her.

After two minutes of this, he starts increasing his thrusts, slowly building up speed.

With a minute and thirty seconds to go, Paul bottoms out inside her. Rachel drops her legs, and with Paul holding onto her tight, he picks your girlfriend up and flips them over, Paul now laying on the bed.

Rachel starts to ride him, lifting her ass up a couple inches and then plopping back down on top of him. With ten seconds to go, Paul grabs her hips and stops her thrusting. He then starts hammering away at her pussy with full strokes, his balls slapping her ass on a few of them. He then holds her down on his cock entirely, and he’s moaning like he’s trying to hold back an orgasm as the timer rings out.

As soon as they hear that, Rachel quickly scrambles up and off of Paul, finding her panties and quickly sliding them back on. When she leaves Paul lying there, you can see that his cock is rock hard, pulsing, and some of it is even red. He was fit to burst but the timer saved him.

Paul gets up before John and Dan walk back into the room.

“That was a long five minutes!” John says.

“Not when you’re the one in here!” Rachel replies, oblivious to the fact that the timer wasn’t started right away.

The guys line back up, and Rachel kneels down before John resumes the music. Rachel starts with Paul, since she left off on him, but she goes easy on him. She only strokes his cock twice before moving back to John.