Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Blackout...)

“You pig-ignorant bitch, you just threw up on my dick!” Infuriated, the man gives Rachel a hard slap across the face. “I’m ‘bout to teach you a lesson about respect you stupid bitch.”

Rachel, too disoriented too properly respond, just lets out a couple moans and groans.In response, the man shoves Rachel back on her knees. He then proceeds to shove his diseased cock back into Rachel’s mouth, piston-fucking her already abused throat.

gawk gawk gawk gawk…

“Yeahhh, that’s right. Suck on that dick.”

Increasing his pace, he goes deeper with no regard. Rachel looks like she’s about to pass out, all the while making these animalistic noises.

The diseased man, without warning, busts his full nut into Rachel’s throat, some of the cum seemingly bursting out her nose. The man then spits in Rachel’s mouth, forcing her to swallow the mixture of fluids.

After he pulls out, Rachel falls down on all fours. Her jaw hurt to the point where she can’t close it and she’s left breathing like a tired wild animal.

The man caresses Rachel’s cheeks with his cock, brushing his cock across her lips to go from left to right. He then proceeds to slap Rachel in the face again, flipping her into a doggy-style position. He pulls out a plastic bottle with an unknown liquid and proceeds to rub it on his cock.

“When I’m done with you, nobody’s gonna wanna fuck your disgusting little pussy.”

Rachel, realizing how quickly the situation is escalating, tries to crawl away. Unfortunately for her, it is all in vain. The man shoves his entirety into her pussy. Rachel feels the intense burning sensation from his cock.

“Ah! Ooo! Arghh!” Rachel screams. As she does so a mixture of drool and questionable semen drips down from her mouth.

Meanwhile on the other end, you and Monica have been too distracted having fun with each other to notice the situation.