Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Nearly hitting the car in front of you, you decide the video is not worth your life and pull into a strip mall parking lot.

You reopen your phone and start the video again. It starts with a huge cock sawing in and out of a very wet pussy. Then it pulls back and pans out to show your girlfriend under John, getting fucked missionary style under the conference table. John has his hand over her mouth as he pumps into her with his long thick cock.

You watch in fascination as John pummels your girlfriend’s pussy for the next twenty minutes before he pulls out and cums all over her pussy. Several lumps of his thick, white, cum glides down off her shaved pubic mound, over her clit to ooze into her gaped pussy.

When John is finished cumming, he pushes back into your girlfriend and resumes fucking her. After another five minutes of getting fucking your girlfriend furiously under the table his cock is covered in his cum froth. Your cock explodes in your pants as John pushes into Rachel’s pussy and cums deep inside her unprotected pussy. The video remains focused on his cock buried balls-deep inside her until he pulls out, pulls her underwear up and rubs the silky fabric into her pussy, apparently trying to trap his sperm deep inside your girlfriend, and pulls her dress pants up.

John then pushes Rachel out from under the table whereupon she is immediately approached by a curious person about the company’s services. The video goes on for a while, showing a side view of the conversation Rachel is having until the person goes away. John crawls out from under and takes the camera, pointing it up at her crotch. You can see a huge wet spot has formed… presumably from his cum dripping out of her freshly inseminated pussy.

The video ends with the camera flipping around to show John’s face as he shows a thumbs up.

You rub your cock and carefully drive home.

You get home about an hour later, get cleaned up and pick up your kids. While you are feeding them, your phone dings again. It’s another video. As much as you’d love to see it immediately, you have to care for your children.

While giving them a bath, your phone dings again with another video. While you’re reading them their books your girlfriend sends a third video.

You hurriedly finish and after making sure they are both asleep, you get to your computer to open the next video. Your phone dings for a fourth time with yet another video.

“Fuck she’s been busy!” you say out loud as the first video starts.