Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Literally bouncing over to Rachel, Paul pretty much picks up your girlfriend and makes her straddle him as he sits in an armchair.

“I didn’t know customers were allowed to manhandle the dancers like that!” Rachel admonishes him playfully.

“Oh this is not a normal lap dance babe… it’s what the ladies call ‘a special’ if you know what I mean,” Paul says and begins massaging your girlfriend’s bare ass cheeks.

“What do the dancers do in a special?” Rachel asks innocently.

“They do a lot more than what you did for Dan, that’s for sure…” Paul says as he squeezes her butt cheeks, making the pale skin blotchy.

“I’ll try my best Paul, but be careful. The boss doesn’t like his girls taken advantage of… too much!” Rachel says with a grin and begins to grind her bare pussy against Paul’s growing bulge.

Paul’s hands begin to roam your girlfriend’s body and, after only a few minutes, his frustration at the bunched up dress around his waist pushes him to reach around and unzip her dress.

“Oh… Paul… so forceful!” Rachel says as she presses her pussy down even harder on Paul’s hard bulge.

“Let’s get this thing off you, it’s just in the way,” Paul says and pulls the dress up and off your girlfriend. She is now completely naked in a room with three of her male coworkers while she is grinding her sweet pussy against one of their cocks. ‘So hot!’ you think to yourself and realize you are humping your fist again.

Rachel’s lap dance becomes more intense as she leans forward and teases Paul’s face with her perfect boobs. Her nipples are rock hard and at least a half inch long. You think they might be grazing Paul’s face. John must have wanted a better angle of it too because the camera moves around to show a much closer view.

Now you can clearly see she is swiping Paul’s face on either side with her boobs, rubbing her hard nipples across his cheeks and nose, alternating between the two by twisting her upper body back and forth. Your fist pumps harder at the sight.

Paul suddenly lifts his face up and opens his mouth, sticking his tongue out so he can taste her nipples.

“Oh Gawd… is that allowed?” Rachel asks, but not really stopping her boobs going back and forth across Paul’s open mouth and tongue.

“It is in a special,” Paul responds and suddenly clamps down on a boob, sucking like a newborn.

“Nnngghhhh…” Rachel groans as Paul’s powerful adult suction stimulates her very sensitive nipples. A minute later, Paul let’s her tit go with a loud sucking sound ending in a pop!

Paul immediately switches to the other boob and sucks it in. Rachel must be completely over-stimulated because she has her eyes closed and doesn’t look like she has any plans to keep Paul from getting more sexual with her.

Rachel suddenly stiffens up, her back arching up. Then she begins to shudder and twitch in a massive orgasm.

“Oh shit Rachel! You pissed on me!” Paul says with an intense, “I totally wanna hump this woman” look.

When Rachel’s orgasm slows and she has regained her senses she responds, “I’m sorry Paul… that’s never happened to me before…”

“Pissing on a man?”

“No, it’s not my piss. I came so hard my pussy sprayed my juices!”

“So cool!” Paul says as he sucks in the first boob again.