Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

You text back: Tell them you left it at home, and you’ll swap them over tonight.

Rachel: I still have to give it back though!

You: Sure. We can wipe it at home.

Rachel: You’re my hero. Luv you xxx CU at home.

You spend the rest of the day alternating between laughing at your girlfriend’s predicament and feeling relief at how close it came to going badly wrong. Just as you are opening a bottle of wine to have with your dinner, Rachel walks in through the door.

“Hi honey! That’s was a close one! Funny as hell though, ha ha!” you call out. You make a mental note to give her hell about this for weeks and weeks.

Rachel walks into the kitchen taking off her coat. She’s smiling but your eyes don’t stay on her face for long, and drop to her chest where the top two buttons of “that” dress are still undone. You leer at the swell of her boobs pushing at the top of the fabric.

“I see you still have the puppies out! The IT guy wanted another peek, hey?” you chide.

“Haha, funny man. Actually I did think it might help smoothing things over with him and the other geek from IT.”

“So did it work?”

“Like a charm! Man, those two couldn’t stop starring at my boobs! Had them eating outta my hands. Kinda made me feel sexy, you know? Those two horny computer guys ogling my body.”

“You are sexy. I keep telling you that!”

“Yeah, yeah — but you’ve gotta say that. This was different. Those guys don’t love me. They just wanted my body. Oh god! I feel so… I need you to fuck me, honey!”

You grab Rachel and bend her over the kitchen counter, pull her dress off and start rubbing her pussy from behind. She’s already so hot and soaking wet and you pull off her panties with a loud rip of the fabric. You unzip and start rubbing the head of your cock around her pussy, getting it covered in her juices, and then slowly feed it into her.

“Oh god Ross! Fuck me!” she begs. So you start really pumping into your girlfriend, her boobs jiggling and rubbing on the counter, as you hear the loud slapping sound as you slam into her ass. She reaches back takes one of your hands from her hip and guides it to her mouth and moans.

“There were two of them Ross. Use your fingers like a cock. Fuck my mouth. I — I want to know what it would be like if they… if they… both did me at the same time! Please?”

“Holy shit,” you think, how the fuck did Rachel hide this side of herself from you for this long? You decide what the hell, and you stick two fingers into her waiting mouth and thrust them back and forth while pumping her even harder from behind. Rachel starts moaning, and in no time is cumming violently. You pull your fingers back out of her mouth and grab both hips for one last hard thrust, and pump her full of cum. You slump back into a chair.

“Damn Rachel, you really want to be tag teamed by two IT geeks?”

Your girlfriend slowly lifts herself upright and turns to face you. You tear your eyes away from her boobs and look down, watching the cum slowly dribble slowly down her thighs.