Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

You text back: Easy, just delete the texts and the pics. They can’t read your mind LOL.

Rachel: you’re my hero. Luv you xxx CU at home.

A few minutes later your phone buzzes, and it’s another text from your girlfriend.

Rachel: One last one for the day. Then I delete everything!

It’s pic of her dress pulled down to the waist. She’s looking into the camera and eating a banana. They way her lips are wrapped around it, she’s clearly sucking on it like she did your cock last night. It’s captioned, “Ya think those geeks in IT would like this pic? ;-)”

You spend the rest of the day alternating between laughing at your girlfriend’s panic and feeling relief at how close it came to going badly wrong. Just as you are opening a bottle of wine to have with your dinner, Rachel walks in through the door.

“Ha ha, that was a close one! You okay?”

“Sure was. Yeah I’m fine,” she says giving you a big kiss. “What’s for dinner?”

You both sit down and chat away over dinner and a bottle of wine, mostly about how hot the sexting was. Rachel eventually admits that she really didn’t flash her boobs at the IT guy — it was just something she made up to get you going.

“Well, it sure worked! But wow, that last pic? Sooo sexy!” you exclaim.

“Thank you for the compliment kind sir!” she smiles, giggling. “So you think those IT losers would like it too?”

“Shit honey, they’d be jacking off to that for years!” you laugh.

Rachel reaches into her bag to get her new phone out to show you. “Nice. Maybe I should upgrade too?” you’re thinking as her phone buzzes in your hand. It’s a text from an unknown caller. You hand the phone to your girlfriend. She takes it and opens the text. You see her stop breathing. The phone buzzes again. Then again. Then again.

“What’s the matter honey? Everything alright?” you ask, concern rising in your voice. She just hands you the phone.

Unknown: Hey Rachel! Shouldn’t have turned on Upload to DropBox. Or at least used a DB password!

The second text is the picture of your girlfriend with the banana.

Unknown: Do you think your boss John would like this pic?

Unknown: Just so you know… We do! Send us more!

You look up at Rachel. She’s sitting there silent and wide eyed. “What do I do?” she asks quietly. “It must be those geeks in IT. They’re pretty harmless. Should I send them some more? Maybe that would keep them quiet? I don’t want them to send it to John!”