Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dimletter...)

You contact the company on behalf of Rachel as her representative, then you forget about it for a while until you both receive an invitation to sign a contract. You are lazy so you don’t read the full contract, only the first part that read something like:

Rachel and Ross agree to the following:

Model Rachel will be working for the company as an adult model/actress for this company, the frequency would depend on her demand of model by subscribers and users of the site.

Model Rachel cannot deny working with the assign model for any clip or video.

Both the Model and Representative can submit suggestion of videos or scenarios that would like for Model to act out, but the company ultimately decides what would the Model do.

That was enough to get you excited and you sign and Rachel, blindly trusting in you, signs as well.

After all is agreed, they ask Rachel when she can start, and she says that she can start right now, so they ask you to leave. You ask Rachel to call you when she’s done so you can pick her up.

After twelve hours she calls you and asks you to pick her up. To your surprise, other than that she looks very tired, her clothes, hair and makeup don’t show any sign of what she being doing. In fact, her makeup and hair even look a little better, so you ask her about it. She tells you that they have a team to take care of that for the actress so that they can leave without having to lose their dignity on their way home.

You are eager to know what she did, but she wants you to find out when the video is out. When you are leaving home with Rachel you think you see Jamie, but you don’t think too much about it, you are more focused on trying to stay calm until the video is out.

The day before the video gets published you remember that the company have a ranking system for the videos and models, and that they promote the new models. You go to the site and, sure enough, Rachel is on the front page. It’s not a big ad but her face is clear to identify, but not only that, they didn’t change her name. Your girlfriend’s name and face is right there, promoted as one of the new girls doing her debut tomorrow.

You start to panic and curse yourself for not reading the whole contract, but your worries fade when you notice that Rachel already has a few likes on her face. You read the whole ad and it’s something of poll, to see which of the twelve new girls people are more eager to see, Rachel is not doing very well, so you try to show your support and ‘like’ her face. You are required to log in and, when you do, you get a welcome prompt and it lets you know that your location has a fan gathering place.

You think that’s weird. Apparently people in your location and others gather in a private place to watch and talk about their favorite models, and tomorrow they have a gathering for the debuts. You think about it. It could be fun to be there and hear what they think about Rachel, but you also don’t know what you will be seing her doing and how you will feel about it. Maybe you should watch it alone or even with Rachel.