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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Kami...)

You take Rachel to your basement to reveal a bondage room. She smiles in excitement and says, “Start right now!”

“Call me daddy,” you say. You lie your girlfriend down with her legs spread wide open and a rag in her mouth. You tell her that this might be painful but she doesn’t seem to care. You take a wooden clip and clip her nipples and attach a chain. You play with the chain and pull it so it hurts her. Then you pull out a vibrator and turn it on and stick it in her pussy.

You take out her rag and face-fuck her for a while. Then you take the vibrator out and pull the chain as hard as you can. She yells and tells you to stop but you tell her that you won’t and that she is your slave not your girlfriend. You then put her on her two legs and tie those and you tie her hands. She gives you an amazing blow job.

Next you tie Rachel to a table with her legs spread and eat her pussy for some time. Then you put your dick in her and she starts moaning with pleasure. You cum in her three times. She cums once.

You pull your dick out and passionately start kissing her, then you move down to her tits. You suck them and bite them. You love it while she is yelling in pain. Then you stand her up and spread her arms and legs and tie her up.

You spank Rachel for a good ten minutes. Then you take out your belt and hit her. You love causing her so much pain. Then you fuck her in the ass for a while, before tying her in a different position and fingering her. Then you take her to bed forcibly and sleep with her with your dick in her.

You get Rachel pregnant with triplets and she breaks up with you. But you keep her with you without her consent. You are her master.

The End