Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Ha! We have a winner, winner cock is in her!” John says with wide grin on his face, his massive cock still mostly inside your girlfriend’s pussy.

Paul and Dan step away from molesting your girlfriend and she speaks. “Fuck John-” she starts to say when John interrupts.

“Yes… that’s exactly what you’re gonna do Rachel… fuck me… until cum!” John says and begins to saw in and out of your girlfriend’s pussy.

“What about Paul… and… nnngghhh… Dan… ? Are they… fuck, your cock is big… staying to watch?” Rachel questions her boss.

“Whatever they want, Rachel. It might be nice to have someone to video the fucking,” John says and hands the phone to Paul who accepts the job.

John returns to fucking your girlfriend but lies on top of her lithe frame, his large muscular torso completely covering her body. Rachel bends her legs up so John can have better access to her in missionary. You can see her toes are curled tightly as her body reacts to the massive cock penetrating it over and over again.

Paul comes around to focus in on John’s big cock pumping in and out of your girlfriend’s stretched thin pussy and it’s better than any porn you’ve ever seen. You’ve never seen Rachel’s pussy stretched so thin before, and although you watched the guys fuck her in the previous videos, this perspective shows oh so much more detail!

John seems to have incredible stamina because he continues to thrust in and out of Rachel’s pussy for over ten minutes, alternating between long, slow strokes quick rabbit strokes, and fast and hard thrusts into your girlfriend that make her grunt from the impact of his pelvic bone against hers.

“Oh John, your cock is incredible!” you hear Rachel say. The camera comes around to show your girlfriend’s face. She has her eyes closed, her mouth open, breathing in ragged draws of breath and you know for sure she is getting the best fuck of her life.

John changes position by getting into kneeling position, and positioning Rachel on all fours and into doggy style. John places the top of his giant cock against her swollen pussy and slams his cock all the way into your girlfriend, making her grunt loudly then say in a lewd voice, “Oh my Gawd, your cock is so deep inside me… you’re stretching me so much!”

Rachel never let’s you put her in that position, saying “she is not a dog so don’t fuck her like one!” But here she is, letting her boss dog-fuck her. His thick cock looks even more massive as the big flesh pole covered in thick veins plumbs your girlfriend’s birth canal.

You are having a hard time understanding how her little pussy, which up until today has only ever seen or felt your little cock inside it, is able to take the entire eleven inches of John’s thick-as-your-wrist cock! But as the camera focuses in on nearly ten inches of John’s thick cock sliding in and out of her insides, you can’t refute the fact that your Rachel has a deep pussy able to take giant cock!

John fucks your girlfriend in that position for at least five more minutes, bringing her to a massive orgasm that makes her lie flat on her belly with her legs pulled together.

John straddles her thighs and lays his massive dick on her ass crack. You can see his massive and heavy looking swollen balls squished out to the sides like two large water balloons at the bottom of her ass cheeks under the base of his cock. You are again amazed at his thickness and length as the tip of his cock, which looks like a hard plum, rests half way up her tribal tramp stamp on her lower back!

“Pull your ass cheeks apart, Rachel!” John orders her.

Rachel reaches back and grabbing a cheek in each hand, spreads her cheeks to open her pussy and puckered starfish.

“Please put that cock in my pussy, John,” Rachel begs her boss. You’ve never heard Rachel talk like this in sex before. She always refused dirty sex talk, but again, here she is begging for big cock from her boss of six years!

John pulls back, place the large head of his cock at her pussy slit and presses down until her swollen lips have half engulfed it. Your cock explodes at the incredibly erotic site. Although it’s just dribbles, the powerful sensations in your groin make your vision blur for a moment.

John pushes into her in that moment and continues to push into your girlfriend’s pussy until maybe only half an inch is left outside her. Rubbing her puckered and twitching asshole, John begins to thrust in and out of her like a porn star.

Five minutes of this and Rachel has a massive orgasm, gasping and shuddering through it, you can see her tight little pussy wrapped around John’s thick cock is clamping down rhythmically I’m time with her shudders.

“Fuck Rachel, your pussy is so damn tight!” John says, pulls his cock out and with the head of his cock nestled in between her quivering pink swollen pussy lips, shoots several jets of thick white cum.

Two of the jets fly up and over the crest of her ass to land on her tramp stamp and start oozing down toward the two little dimples in the small of her back.

John moves slightly after the first two spurts so a part of the slit on his cockhead is covered by the edge of your girlfriend’s pussy lips. The next two spurts become pressurized and spray straight up nearly six inches before falling back down onto the edge of her pussy slit.

“Shit, I’m sorry Rachel,” John says and pulls his cock up to hold it tight. It looks like he was trying to stop the orgasm… and he seemed to be successful.

The camera shifts angle a little so it’s now focused on Rachel’s wide open pussy slit. And what you see there both horrifies you and makes your withered cock come back to life again.

The two spurts of John’s thick white cum have oozed down her crack and into the open space between your girlfriend’s swollen pussy lips. It is a three-inch swath of cum pooling over the pink inner folds of Rachel’s pussy. There’s so much cum that you can’t see any of the sensitive pink mucus membrane of her inner vagina.

“You’re finished, right John?” Rachel asks and begins to lift up.

“Not even close, Rachel,” John says and places the very hard head of his cock back into the slit of your girlfriend’s pussy. His cock displaces the cum that pooled there and makes it slither down around his shiny cockhead.

“Wait John, let me wipe my pussy…” Rachel says and looks back with a very concerned look on her face as she realizes John is planning on pushing his big cock back into her again.

But before Rachel even finishes speaking, John has already pushed his cockhead back into her quivering quim, cum and all. He keeps pushing into her, dragging the left overs of his spurts from before deeper into your girlfriend’s birth canal.

“Wait John… stop for a minute, we have to clean up before… nnngghhh… fuck me… your cock is so damn thick and long!” Rachel says, valiantly trying to be responsible, but failing miserably as John bottoms out inside her pussy as he did before.

“I can feel your cervix against the top of my cock, Rachel!” John says and holds his cock buried inside her.

“Oh John… fuck… this is… dangerous…” Rachel says, but then is forced to take in a deep breath as John flicks his hips forward jamming the remaining half inch into her depths.

“Nngghhhhh!” Rachel moans and you see her pussy clamp down on her boss’s giant cock. Her pussy lips seem to flutter as her body launches into another massive orgasm around John’s fully embedded shaft. This makes John grip her hips tightly, push his cock even deeper into her and grunt loudly over and over again as well, his cock obviously twitching inside her nearly a dozen times before it settled down.

“Oh God it’s so wet inside me!” Rachel mutters. You think she’s talking about her own juices. But what you don’t realize is that when Rachel had her orgasm, and her strong pussy muscles clamped down rhythmically around John’s fully embedded shaft, it massaged John into releasing his sperm-filled cum deep inside her.

They remain still for a very long time and you start wondering if they will finish fucking when Rachel speaks again. “Oh John… it’s so wet and hot inside me… and there’s so much, so deep!”