Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

The video ends with Rachel practically announcing how John just filled her little pussy with his giant cock and spurted his sperm-filled cum deep inside her unprotected pussy.

“What the fuck? Where the next video? That’s it? No recording of John’s sperm-filled cum oozing out of Rachel’s pussy? Come on!” you complain, genuinely upset at the porn faux-pas, until you remember it’s not a porn. It’s your girlfriend Rachel, the mother of your two little boys.

“Holy shit… John just filled her up with his sperm… he just inseminated my girlfriend!” you practically shout.

You rewind the video a couple minutes and watch as John’s cock sprays four ropes of cum all over your girlfriend’s tramp stamp, then her pussy slit, then you start to furiously jerk your small cock. You see John pushing his giant cock back into your girlfriend’s pussy, along with his jism.

You jerk hard and fast, watching your girlfriend’s boss pushing his cum deeper and deeper into her until he bottoms out. When you hear your girlfriend comment about how thick his cock is and how deep he is inside her pussy, you blow your wad.

When you recover, you text Rachel. “Hey. Saw that last video. Very hot. Did John really cum all over your tramp stamp and pussy slit, then jam his cum and his cock back into you, then fill you up with a full load of his cum?”

It takes Rachel a long time to answer.

The three little dots come up, disappear, come back up, disappear… this happens half a dozen times before she sends the final draft of her text response.

“I’m so sorry, Ross. I didn’t know John was going to cum a little all over my ass and pussy, then jam that monster back into me. And no, he didn’t cum inside me. He just pretended on that one. I’m not sure why Paul stopped filming, but right after the video ended, John pulled out and came all over my ass and pussy again.”

“Whew! I was so worried he had inseminated you with his sperm tonight!” you write back with a winking emoji.

“You’re not mad John came on my pussy and jammed his cock back into me? I’m sure a little of his sperm got into my pussy,” Rachel asks

Not knowing very much about female anatomy or the human reproductive cycle you confidently answer her, “It’s just a little bit. I’m sure it’s gonna be just fine.”

As smart as she is, Rachel is equally obtuse as you when it comes to her reproductive organs but still seems nervous as she answers, “Whew… I’m so glad you’re not mad, Ross. It was a little risky because I started ovulating today, but like you said, it was just a little bit…”

“Yeah babe, I wouldn’t worry about it. But wow! Did you know John had such a big cock? He really went so deep into your pussy!” you comment, excitedly trying to steer your anxious girlfriend away from her worry about John’s sperm inside her body.

It works like a charm. Rachel’s face lights up as she responds, “Oh my God Ross! John’s cock is so long and thick. He stretched me out so much and he was so deep inside of me. I thought I was going to pass out!”

“Wait… are they still there?” you ask.

“Paul and Dan left, saying they were super tired. John is still here. He’s in the bathroom. Haha… I think he’s pooping!” Rachel responds and sends the poop emoji.

“His poop is probably as big as his cock!” you write back with a stinky face emoji.

“Lol Ross… I’m so glad you liked our skit tonight. Want more skits like this? I’m sure John and the boys would be up for anything if I asked them!” Rachel writes with a couple large heart emojis.

“Yeah… would love to see much more!”

“Okay! You got it baby! I’ll talk to John about it. He was a bit nervous you’d be mad about him getting carried away and pushing his cock back into me after he covered my pussy with his living sperm. I’m sure he will be relieved you were okay with it!” your girlfriend writes back.

“Yeah… totally okay with what he did. Truthfully, I got carried away myself and was shouting at the screen that he didn’t pull out and show his cum oozing from your well fucked pussy! Haha!” you confess.

“OMG Ross… really? Our skit was that good for you? And you liked it when his cum went inside me?” your girlfriend asks, trying to feel you out.

“Yeah really. I rewound the video to the spot when John pushed his cum and his cock back inside you and blew my wad!”

“You’re such a bad man, Ross. But I’ll let John know. I’m sure he will be relieved and excited! Gonna try to go to bed now baby! Xoxo!” Rachel responds.