Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ?...)

Your girlfriend’s sister jumps up from the floor and stands in front of you — naked, smooth, and smiling. “Can I get a ride?”

“Sure thing!”

You sit down on the couch and Janine kneels between your legs eagerly. She spits on her hand and jerks your erect dick. As it grows in her hand, she gasps and says, “My god, you’re huge! So much bigger and thicker than my boyfriend. Fuck, I can’t believe my sister gets to enjoy this horse-cock on a regular basis, the lucky bitch!”

Your girlfriend, who was still recovering on the floor, hears this and laughs, sitting up. “Well, make the most of it, sis. I’m going to keep our mom company…”

You see your girlfriend crawl over to her mom on the floor and kiss her on the mouth. They start lovingly making out with each other as her sister pushes your cock into her warm, wet mouth. She locks her eyes with yours and tries to go deeper every time she bobs her head down. You helpfully hold her soft hair up and coax yourself into her throat, inch by inch. When she finally comes up for air, you see her eyes slightly watering and drool dripping off her chin. Smiling from ear to ear, she says, “Fuck, that was awesome! I love this cock.” She kisses your wet shaft and rubs it over her pretty face. You hold your cock and lightly slap her with it. “Yes!” she says, “slap me with your dick, please!” You oblige and slap her face with your cock a couple of times.

You pull Janine up and she straddles you. She holds on to your cock and guides it inside her wet cunt. She moans and rolls her eyes back as you penetrate her tight, tight hole. “Holy fuck!,” she exclaims as she takes you all the way in. Slowly, she starts bouncing on your cock. Her beautiful, ripe tits swing in your face. You bury your face in them and alternatively suck on each breast. Your hands are firmly grabbing on to her ass cheeks. You momentarily look past her to notice your girlfriend on her knees, her head thrown back, eyes closed, and teeth biting her lower lip. And behind her, her mother ravenously eating her ass. “Holy fuck, Janine, your mom’s rimming my girlfriend,” you can’t help but say.

“Forget them,” Rachel’s sister whispers, “I’m glad they’re in a world of their own. I want you all to myself.” Her face is so close to yours that you can smell her breath. She keeps riding you, and goes on, “I want you to abuse me, you understand?”

You look at her and nod.

She mouths the words, “Slap me” and nods. You slap her across her face tentatively. She pouts at you. You slap her harder. She grins. And harder. “Like that?,” you ask. She bites her lower lip and nods, “Yes, yes please!” You slap her again. “More, more, more…” she keeps muttering as she gets closer to orgasm. You fuck her harder and faster, occasionally slapping her face, her tits, her ass, pulling her hair. Finally, she reaches climax — shivering on top of your dick as her eyes roll back into her skull. Once she’s done, she collapses in your arms. Exhausted and sweaty, she whispers in your ear, “Don’t tell my sister, but we are definitely doing this again. I haven’t had enough of your cock. I’m going to be your little sex slave, Daddy.”

“So, is it Mommy’s turn now?” their mother Ashley asks.

“Just one question,” you reply, pushing her daughter off your body, “how do you want it?”