Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Feanor86...)

You grab Monica’s hand and pull her in, closing the door as far as it will go behind her.

“Of course,” you moan into her ear as your dick slides out of Rachel’s throat and she gasps for air. Rachel set the rules for tonight in her activities with Jamie, so you’re just following her example.

You pull Monica’s jeans down from her petite waist and pick her up, dropping her back down again on your cock. Her face is a mix of shock and pleasure as you stand there with her impaled on your boner. You slowly draw out of her and thrust back in, pushing her against the wall of the cubicle as she exhales. You keep pumping your cock in out of her juicy tunnel as she writhes in pleasure.

Seeing those large tits bouncing under her sleeveless shirt is too tempting for you and you rip it off with one hand. Monica gasps as you find out she’s braless.

“Don’t worry babes, seeing that view far outweighs buying you a new shirt,” you say, eyeing up the bouncing breasts, “I’ll buy you whatever you want now I’ve seen them.”

Monica flashes a cheeky smile at you and glances over your shoulder. You, still balls-deep in her petite waist with one hand generously squeezing her tit, turn around. Pressed up behind you are Jamie and Rachel.

Jamie’s still sitting on the toilet seat but Rachel’s turned around. She’s still straddling him, twerking on his cock harder than ever but she’s now facing him, leaning in towards him, their lips locked together.

You turn back towards Monica and instantly put your mouth to work. Lifting her higher up the wall you continue to slide in and out of her tight pussy while sucking and slobbering on her nipples. Monica grabs your head and pulls you further into her chest. You rearrange your hips and start slamming into her from a different angle. Monica suddenly moans very loudly and shouts your name.

“Ross! I- I’m gonna-”

You feel a gush of liquid downstairs and Monica’s legs go limp.

“Oh my days,” she mutters as you keep her upright, banging her hard in her wet vagina.

The addition of her cum as lube not only turns you on even more but helps you pump in and out of her at an even more rapid pace. Before you know it, you shoot rope after rope of hot sticky jizz into Monica’s love tunnel and your legs begin to feel like jelly.

“Monica I-” you begin, panting.

She leans in and ends your confession with a kiss. You pull your dick out of her, all wet and dripping with various juices, as you both turn to look at Jamie and Rachel.