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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RomanticLoveMaker69...)

You have to admit, your girlfriend has been quite an excellent slave for you. You decide that she deserves to have her wish fulfilled, though not quite in the way you know she would want it. You ease yourself into straddling her hips, placing your hands on either side of her body. Rachel looks up at you, an eager glitter in her eyes.

“You have been a good little slut for me,” you say, making her tremble at her title yet again, “And I believe you deserve a reward for that.”

With that, you slowly ease your cock deep inside her, and begin to make love to her in a way you never had before. You watch as Rachel finally lets the restraint she had on herself go, and starts moaning, her breathing still just as heavy as it had been before. “Ahhh… Ross… Ross…!” she moans breathily between her heavy gasps. You simply lean down, deeply kissing her soft lips to silence her. Regardless, she continues to moan into your mouth, seeming to love this sensation more than she even loves you.

You decide to let your hands roam, and trace them up and down her sides, feeling every curve of Rachel’s lovely body from under your fingertips. This leaves her breathless, loving every little touch more than the last. Your hands make their way up to her breasts, which you lovingly cup in your palms, your thumbs reaching up to gently rub her sensitive nipples. Every so often, your index fingers slip in to softly pinch them as well, mixing the perfect amount of pain in with intense amounts of gentle, yet sensual, pleasure.

You can hear Rachel starting to moan a bit louder, and a bit more frantically, and she wraps her arms around you, her hands resting on your back, which she grabs at ever so gently, as if to let you know she has something to say. You draw back and out of the kiss, though make sure your lips still hover close to hers as you softly and seductively whisper to her.

“Yes, my darling little slave…? What is it…?” you ask her. She looks up into your eyes, hers looking rather innocent in comparison to what you can only imagine yours do.

She stammers out, “Ross… Master…” However, she can’t keep up her slave act for long, and it eventually melts away as she continues speaking. “H-Honey… I’m close…”

You can understand exactly what she means. Admittedly, your cock feels ready to boil over. You didn’t realize that taking things so slowly and gently with your girlfriend could make the two of you feel so good. You slide your hands down from her breasts, and onto her hips, which you hold onto as you sit the two of you up, your cock finding a way deeper into her in the process. You don’t speed up, just keep things slow, steady, gentle, and sensual as you bounce Rachel up and down in your lap. You both hold each other close, kissing deeply as you eventually cum in unison, your moans flowing into each other’s mouths.

Nine months later, Rachel gives birth to your darling twin daughters. You promise yourself and her that you will cherish them and her forever. You live on together as a happy, loving family, and while you don’t follow your more sexual desires with her all that often anymore, when you do, you always treat her the way she loves, gently and sensually, with some grand lovemaking.

The End