Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You look up a bunch of racy “blonde gets fucked hard” videos on porn sites. You sort through them and find ones where there are three men and one blonde woman.

Then you sort through those and pick four. The first one has the woman getting fucked by the three men, and they all cum all over her face. The woman is loving every minute of it and actually fucks the men back very aggressively… super hot, you think. The second one has the woman enjoying herself and the men cum all over her tits, ass and pussy. Then the woman rubs the cum into her skin. Very hot too.

The third one has the men aggressively fucking the literal shit out of the woman, jamming their giant cocks balls deep into the woman’s throat, pussy, and asshole, culminating in each of her holes getting filled with a huge load of sperm with the men pushing their cocks into the woman balls deep. They keep their cock buried deep inside the woman until their cocks start to go soft. The woman gags on the long thick cock in her throat, and a long gooey strand of throat mucus combined with the man’s cum flows out of her mouth around the base of his cock.

The last one, the woman is interviewing for a modeling job with three men who trick and intimidate the woman into a compromising position where she becomes completely naked, then they coerce her into taking posed sex position shots, eventually fucking the shit out of her against her wishes. The woman tries to push the men off as they maneuver her and fuck her holes, and truly looks terrified. Then one by one, they all cum balls deep inside her pussy, the woman crying and saying she is not on any birth control.

You busted a nut on that one.

You attach them all to an email and push send.

Then you text her.

About an hour later she texts you back.

“Woah Ross… are you serious about these videos? We’ve never had anal or tried deep throat… and all three guys at once?”

“Yeah babe… don’t you think it would totally hot? It’s like we opened Pandora’s box and I can’t get enough! Especially with you at the center of it all! My sexy slut girlfriend!” you write back.

“LOL Ross… I love that you still get a hard on for me after all these years, but even if i go through with any of these suggestions, the last two has the men cumming inside my pussy and I’m not ovulating for another week. It’s very risky babe. What if one of them knocks me up?” Rachel texts back.

“It’s like a week away. Sperm generally only lives inside a woman’s body for a few days at best and if there’s no egg, no baby right?” you text back.

“Well… you are right… sperm can only live inside me for five days at best, and I won’t be ovulating for another six days…” Rachel texts back.

You push her a bit by writing back, “So you’ll do one of the videos?”

It’s a couple minutes before she responds.

“I guess so, Ross… I think it’s still a bit risky with only a day as buffer, especially if all the guys shoot their loads of sperm deep into me… but I’ll do it for you babe!” Rachel writes back.

“Oh you won’t regret this, Rachel. I know you’ve never done deep-throat or anal and never been with three guys at the same time, but it’s a new sexual experience I think you’ll love!” you write back encouragingly.

“I hope so babe… I’ll send the video tomorrow after we finish… love you Ross… good night!”