Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by DairyDutchman...)

Rachel doesn’t say anything in response, but she does stand up. Dan and Paul both regard her with surprise, unsure if this is when they get to pounce on your girlfriend like a pack of hyenas.

It isn’t. Not yet. Rachel walks slowly, deliberately, over to John. She runs her hands all over herself as she crosses the room. As one hand begins to finger her drenched cunt, Rachel falls to her knees in front of the camera.

Her other hand runs along the inside of his thigh, and Rachel’s face is now fully occupying all the real estate on the screen. You hear her snap off John’s belt, and her hungry expression reveals how impressed she is by what he’s packing.

Rachel takes one more look directly at you, and licks her lips like a depraved slut. Then, with no more ado, she begins to face fuck herself on her boss’s cock. John groans contentedly. Rachel is choking and coughing as she tries to fit as much of John in and out of her throat as fast as she can.

You’d applaud, but your hands are busy.

This goes on for about a minute before John’s cock exits Rachel’s mouth with a loud pop, followed by Rachel’s deep inhale.

“Trash me like the honeymoon suite, boys.” She winks at you and dives back on her boss’s cock.

In the background, you see Dan and Paul high five each other as they begin to get undressed.

John has one hand on the back of Rachel’s head, holding her in place while he fucks her throat. Paul and Dan, careful not to remove Rachel from John’s dick, gently lift her off the floor and onto the bed John has been sitting on. Her ass now in the air, Rachel moans appreciatively as Paul gets behind her, pulling her dress up over her ass. He gleefully rubs his bulbous cock head up and down her slit, and chuckles.

“You fucked up,” he says cruelly, as he sticks his dick in your girlfriend. Rachel’s eyes bulge, and an erotic shriek can be heard working its way around John’s shaft.

“Danny boy, you are in for a treat!” Paul roars gregariously, as he intensifies his fucking of your woman.

You cum suddenly, and it barely registers. You keep stroking your cum-covered dick as the two men relentlessly pump their uncovered penises in and out of your girlfriend.

You notice the the time left in the video — 40 minutes?

Just like your cock as far as Rachel’s concerned, it’s not long enough.