Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Spidervenus19...)

Sometime soon the doorbell rings and you go and answer it, expecting only Jamie. To your surprise he has another guy with him that you’ve never met before.

“Uh Jamie, I thought you were coming alone?” you ask him.

“I was originally, but my old pal Marcus was in town crashing at my place and I remembered he hasn’t had a good fuck in forever. So as the thoughtful friend I was I decided to bring him along knowing how sexy your girlfriend is,” Jamie says.

Before you can say anything he pushes you aside and walks right in, Marcus following along. You quickly close the door and go to catch up to them to see them enter your room, where Rachel is. To your dismay and excitement she has yet to change into anything, leaving her standing naked trying to cover herself in front of your two guests.

“Ross, what the hell? You said it would just be Jamie!” Rachel questions.

Jamie answers for you. “Sorry Rachel. I forgot tell your boyfriend about my friend Marcus here. But he’s here now so you got two horn dogs to play with.”

“You got nothing to be afraid of slut, so how about you show us the goods and we’ll show you a good time,” Marcus adds.