Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by AwesomePieMan...)

All the other chairs in the room are arranged in a circle. You ask one of the men what’s going on and he says that they’re about to play musical chairs with your slut girlfriend. There seems to be way too many chairs, but suddenly the doorbell rings and soon a crowd of twenty more men are filling the room. They put you in charge of the music.

They’ve dressed Rachel in some clothes left in the house by one of their previous whores. She’s wearing a top that is so loose that it’s painfully easy to get a peak at her tits, she’s also wearing red flower patterned stockings, a mid thigh length leather skirt and twelve inch red high heels. Taking a better look at her delicious nipples it’s obvious she’s not wearing a bra, but she is wearing red lace panties that match her stockings flower pattern.

As the men take the chairs they don’t take their clothes off and only undo their belts and unzip their pants allowing their dicks to stand at attention. You turn on the music and let it go for a few minutes while your girlfriend dances around from man to man.

You stop the music when Rachel reaches a certain man. He is short, stout, in his late fifties and equipped with a six inch dick with a thick gray bush of dick hair. He quickly pulls Rachel’s panties aside and plunges balls-deep in her sweet little pussy. His hands go down her top and after a few minutes of your girlfriend bouncing on him he shoots his thick creAmy load inside her. This continues on for several hours, with all the men plowing Rachel several times each.

At one point you order a lot of food for the men to keep their energy up while they plow your girl. They’ve now abandoned the game and are simply gangbanging every available hole. You jerk yourself off and go to sleep on the couch as the men drag Rachel off to a dirty mattress to continue the fucking.

One thing is certain — you can’t wait to see what these men have in store for tomorrow. You also wonder if you should tell Rachel that her birth control pills are fakes because you wanted to get her pregnant.

The End