Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dick_Donnelly...)

“I want to fuck in front of someone without them knowing! I think it would be fun and hot.” Rachel says excitedly

“Really!? That’s ballsy, I like it” you respond. You both have a big smiles now as you inquire further. “So do you have an idea of who and where?” you ask.

Rachel responds “Well I haven’t really thought about the logistics of it but I would love to do it in front of my bestie Monica. She’s always going on about her crazy sex life, tries to make us sound boring because we’re in a commited relationship, it would be sweet to do something crazy in front of her.”

You love the idea. Monica is totally hot, the idea of staring at her big tits while banging your cute little girlfriend sounds like a dream come true. Your dick gets hard. You make sure you play it cool. “Yeah, that works. But know where? How do we pull it off?”

“Hmmm” Rachel says back as the two of you sit pondering. Then you have an idea. “What if we did it in the hot tub? You could sit on my lap and she’d be none the wiser?”

“That’s a great idea!” Rachel says, unaware that the idea came to you picturing Monica in a bikini. “I’ll invite her over for drinks Saturday,” she says as she climbs on top of you.“ I’m so excited, I can tell you are too,” she says as she eases herself down onto your cock. Her pussy is instantly wet as she begins to aggressively ride your dick. It doesn’t take long before you’re grabbing her ass as you shoot your load into her pussy.

Your girlfriend leans down and kisses you deeply, then rolls off smiling. You lie there dreaming of Saturday night.