Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

Before John can even hit the music, Rachel takes his length in her mouth again, starting right back where they left off from earlier. John hits the music, and the next round officially begins.

Rachel slowly pulls off of John’s cock with a loud suction sound, and moves to Dan. She blows Dan for a brief moment before moving to Paul, and the second she takes Paul’s pulsing length into her mouth the music cuts. Time for Paul’s round two! You sort of feel bad for Dan, however you’re sure he’ll get his turn in due time.

John stops the music once again, and he and Dan disappear again. As they walk off frame, Rachel has pulled off Paul’s cock. She stands up and they make out again, and Paul maneuvers them to the bed once again. The moment Rachel falls backwards onto the bed, Paul steps between her legs. He opens up her legs, which were already spread, and pulls her panties to the side, exposing more than just her lip that was poking out.

He lines up his quickly hardening cock, and sends it home. After three thrusts, he holds himself nearly balls deep, with about a half inch of his shaft outside of your girlfriend’s pussy. You can see her tight pussy lips holding onto his cock, stretched around his pulsing rod. You hear him grunt, and are waiting for him to burst, but he doesn’t. After he calms down, he resumes his thrusting.

However, five or so thrusts later and he’s in the same boat, except this time even more so. He pulls out of Rachel and has her slide off the bed to her knees on the floor. The moment she takes his tip into her mouth and applies suction, he bursts. You can see his entire cock pulsing as he pumps his load into your girlfriend’s throat. She swallows his whole load, and while she does this he reaches over and starts the timer.

“This stays between us, right?” Paul whispers.

Rachel just nods her head in agreement and finished cleaning up Paul’s cock. Then she gets up and gets on the bed on all fours, allowing Paul to enter her from behind in doggy style. You can make out her full, round ass sliding back and forth over Paul’s cock. They continue to fuck like this for a few minutes, not stopping until Paul grabs her hips and holds himself balls deep inside her. At first it looks like he came inside her, but after he pulls out it’s clear that is not the case.

With thirty seconds on the clock left, they get off the bed and Paul helps her find her panties and puts them back on, properly this time. As soon as they’re done and situated, the timer goes off. John and Dan come back, and it’s time for another round! Will Dan finally get his turn?