Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Fabbi...)

Rachel looks you dead in the eyes and just says it out loud. “I want to be a Futa with a ridiculous cock for the day!”

Your jaw drops in shock, your eyes glaze over as you imagine your already sexy girlfriend with a twelve-inch cock sticking out above her cunt. “Hot!” you think to yourself.

“Er, but how’s that going to work?” you ask scratching your chin in thought. “We can get you a realistic strap on or… ”

I know someone,“ Rachel cuts you off. ”I just need to arrange a meeting, if you“re okay with it?” she asks while slowly kissing her way down your body to your reawakened erection. “This suggests you are!” she giggles before sinking her mouth onto your cock.

“Hngh,” you groan, “As long as I can see what you get up to, film or in real life,” you manage to croak out.

Rachel doesn’t even break stride, she continues to suck your cock deeper and deeper as she makes eye contact and gives a double thumbs up. Needless to say, she is drinking your cum within a handful of minutes.

Later in the week Rachel calls you to let you know that she has arranged a meeting with her contact. She is to go see them after work and will be home to show you the result afterwards. You reply with a string of emojis that convey your excitement and a quick follow up text that says, “Remember our deal, I get to watch everything you do!”

Rachel replies with a thumbs up and a heart emoji.

Rachel arrives at the given address wearing yoga pants and a sports bra, butterflies in her stomach. She rings the indicated buzzer and when it picks up she states her name and a password as she was instructed. Without a word, the door unlocks and she opens it, making her way inside.

It’s a dark interior, sparsely furnished, white walls and low lighting. In the center of the room is a single chair. A voice from a speaker simply states “Sit.” Looking around nervously, Rachel approaches the chair and sinks her round ass into the seat.

The lights dim further until she can barely see anything at all. A door opposite where she entered opens and a cloaked figure steps into the room, hood pulled over their head shrouding them from view. “Confirm your name and what is is you are here for,” they command.

Rachel takes a deep breath to steady her nerves. Voice still shaking a little she replies “I’m Rachel and I’m here to be turned into a Futa for a day.”

“Excellent, ” the voice from the cloak replies, “Then we begin.”

With that, the cloaked figure crosses to stand in front of Rachel, holding their arms out to the front in a Y shape. As they begin to chant, wind picks up in the room and swirls around both the cloaked figure and Rachel.

Rachel begins to feel her body tingling and warming up, especially between her legs. After a minute or two of chanting she can feel the heat has built to an uncomfortable level. Squirming in the chair she slips her yoga pants down her legs to try and cool down. She breaths a sigh of relief as she feels slightly cooler. Opening her eyes, she looks down at her thighs. It takes her a moment to realize what she can see. “Since when did I have a three thighs?” she thinks to herself. Then it dawns on her.

“Oh my god!” Rachel quietly exclaims as she realizes the thick flesh tube between her legs is in fact the Futa cock she had wished for. She stands from the chair, the cloaked figure still chanting an seemingly reaching towards a crescendo. The huge, thick member hangs between Rachel’s strong thighs as she reaches down to hold it, lifting it up with both hands. “It”s quite heavy,“ she thinks to herself. She slips on hand down to the base. ”Oh!“ she exclaims as she finds a pair of large hairless testicles hanging below the shaft. She reaches a little further to find her cunt still in place. ”Phew.“ she sighs.

The chanting of the cloaked figure is building even more at this point and Rachel’s heat has grown to a point where she feels super horny. Her new cock feels the same way as it stiffens and rises before her, reaching almost fourteen inches in length as it grows. It sticks out obscenely from her body, gorgeous.

Without a second thought, Rachel wraps both hands around the shaft and begins to stroke. There’s too much friction, so she spits onto the shaft and massages it along the length. Still not enough moisture. She hefts on her new shaft and pulls it towards her mouth. It’s long enough that she can reach the tip with her mouth. She begins to suck and drool all over the head of her new member, still stroking the rest with her hands.

Rachel can’t believe the pleasure this is giving her. In almost no time at all she feels her new balls churning in a way she’s never felt before. After a moment Rachel realizes that this must mean she’s about to cum. She doubles her efforts, her slick hands pistoning on her cock, her mouth crammed with as much as she can manage. Rachel is vaguely aware that the cloaked figure is at real high point and appears to be finishing the ritual when suddenly the most intense pleasure she’s ever felt rushes through her body, into her balls and then races along her shaft.

Before Rachel can think about it, her mouth is flooded with cum. So much cum! She pulls back in shock and another pulse shoots through her, more cum erupting, this time it shoots up and splatters down on her shocked, upturned face, shoulders and chest before another blast and another. Coming back to her senses somewhat, Rachel shoves her greedy mouth back onto the tip and swallows another few pulses of cum, the pleasure feeling immeasurable.

It takes a moment for Rachel to come back down from her high. She may have even blacked out for a moment as she realizes she is once again sitting in the chair. The cloaked figure has gone and a sign on the door simply says, “Leave when you’ve gathered yourself.”

Looking around Rachel retrieves her purse and pulls up her yoga pants. She notices her phone sitting on the floor in front of her. That’s odd, Rachel doesn’t remember getting it out. Picking it up she loos at the screen to see a video has been recorded. Frowning in confusion she hits play.

As the footage rolls, Rachel is met with a delightful surprise. Somehow, someone, the cloaked figure perhaps, has filmed the whole transformation! Excitedly she snaps a picture of her cum-covered face before wiping it off and sending it to you with the caption, “It worked! On my way home see you soon,” before she heads out back to her car.