Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dick_Donnelly...)

You grab a round of drinks and head out to the hot tub. Rachel and Monica are already situated across from each other. You slide in beside Rachel and hand Monica a drink.

Rachel wastes no time, reaching down your shorts and stroking your cock. You return the favor, sliding your fingers under her bikini bottoms and rubbing her pussy.

Monica starts talking to Rachel about the latest episode of their favorite show. While they’re talking you pull down your swim trunks giving Rachel easy access.

“Do you watch it too, Ross?” Monica asks, not realizing you haven’t heard a word they’ve said.

“Umm no,” you say chuckling. “That’s this girl’s deal.” You grab Rachel around the waist, taking the opportunity to put her on your lap.

You pull her little bikini bottoms to the side and pull her on to your dick. She fights to keep a straight face as your cock makes its way all the way into her pussy.

Rachel starts to grind your dick. She starts slow but the more she gets into it the less she cares about being stealthy. At least she’s keeping up conversation though, you’re not saying a word. You’re just struggling to contain yourself as your girlfriend rides your dick and stare at Monica’s marvelous tits floating at the top of the water.

You’re getting close to cumming. Finally you muster up words. “How about some shots? Monica you mind grabbing some?”

“Me? You know a gentleman would offer to get them himself?”

“I would if I could but someone won’t let me move,” you reply, indicating Rachel.

“Fine, be back in a flash,” Monica says, hopping out of the tub.

As soon as she’s gone you put one hand on Rachel’s shoulder and the other on her waist and start jackhammering your cock into her. She can finally let out a moan as you drive your dick deep inside her. A couple more deep thrusts and you’re firing cum inside her.

The timing is perfect as Monica comes out just while the last drops of cum are draining from your dick.

“Shots!” Monica exclaims. Rachel slides off your dick to sit beside you. Monica sits on the other side of you and hands out the shots. You all fire them back. Then Rachel gets up to go pee.

As she stumbles away Monica leans into you. “I know what you guys were doing, you’re not very casual.”

You don’t know what to say, you sit like a deer in headlights. Then Monica says, “It was really hot watching you fuck her. I can’t wait for my turn.”

You can’t believe what she just said, then she reaches down and grabs your cock and slips her tongue into your ear.

“I give the lightweight a half hour before she’s passed out, then I want you to fuck my brains out.”

You’re in shock and rock hard.

“Stand up,” she says. You do as you’re told. Monica pulls your shorts right off. Then wraps her lips around your cock. She gives amazing head. You figure you must have drowned and gone to heaven, that is until you hear the door and plunge back into the tub.

Rachel snuggles up beside you, you wrap your arm around her and the other around Monica, groping her ass.