Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

The next day you walk into your bedroom to find your girlfriend’s stockings and suspenders, black miniskirt, white shirt, and lacy black panty and bra set neatly laid out on the bed.

“Hey honey, are you going out tonight?” you ask, last night a vague memory.

“Oh no, silly — these are for you,” she says.

“Bu-” you begin before she cuts you off.

“You haven’t forgotten last night have you?” A mischievous smile appears on her face.

“No of course not, miss,” you stammer.

“Good” she says. “Let’s begin”

Rachel pulls you into the bathroom, where you find various styling equipment all laid out. She sits you on a chair she has brought in and slowly begins to tease your cock, sliding off your clothes until you are fully naked.

“Are you ready babe?” she asks seductively, waving a razor up. You nod slowly, understanding what it is she is about to do, as she begins to slowly shave them. Using a mixture of razor and wax she rids you of any body hair and moves onto your head. She shaves the stubble leaving your face smooth and adds hair extensions to give your hair a feminine style. She applies layers of make up to your face, having you pout and turn your head slowly to give her a full picture. Happy, she takes you back to the bedroom.

“Now let’s get you dressed!” Rachel squeals with excitement as she holds up the suspenders. Slightly turned on, you step in and pull them up, followed by the stockings and the panties. Your hard cock is throbbing in the tight lacy panties. Your girlfriend giggles and runs a hand over your panty-encased cock.

Your moan causes her to take the hand away and focus her attention to the bra. She finishes adjusting it and holds the bra up. Taking it, you realize that plastic breast moulds have been placed in the cups of the bra, giving you a lovely B-cup as you fasten it up. At this point your girlfriend leaves you to yourself. You can’t help but feel your new fake tits and smooth stockings covered legs, moaning as you brush your hand along them.

Slowly, you pull the miniskirt up, the tight leather pressing on your cock, as it strains to stand fully erect. You pull the shirt on and start to button it up, only to leave the top two undone, as to provide some small cleavage, before tucking the shirt into your miniskirt. Rachel opens the door a crack, so not to see you just yet, and passes you some black strappy heels for you to wear. You slip them up and admire yourself in the mirror. Your previously skinny looking figure looks breathtaking with the addition of breasts. Pushing your chest out, you try to enhance both your tits and your somewhat small ass.

The door creaks open to reveal your girlfriend standing in a sexy police woman outfit, with kinky cuffs hanging of her belt, a riding crop in her hand, and peeking out from her short skirt, a six inch black strap-on.

“What will it be first?” she asks seductively.