Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dick_Donnelly...)

It’s the morning after the best night of your life. You’re still half asleep but you feel something nice on your penis. As you start to wake up you realize Rachel must be waking you with a morning blow job and it feels amazing. You reach down and grab her hair. When you open your eyes to see your girlfriend’s fine work you see it’s Monica engulfing your erect cock.

Panicked you look beside you and see that Rachel is still fast asleep. You can’t help but smile as you mouth to her, “What the fuck?”

Monica removes your cock from her mouth just to give you a big smile back before returning to aggressively slurping on your morning wood.

It feels too good for you to care about getting caught. Monica puts a finger to her lips and gives you a “shhh” as she climbs up on top of you and sits her hot, tight pussy down on you.

She begins rubbing her clit as grinds on your cock. You can tell she’s getting close. She quickly lies down on you and bites your shoulder to muffle her scream as she cums all over your dick. After, she turns your face and kisses you, jamming her tongue hard into your mouth. You can’t believe how good she feels. She gives you another little peck then smiles and quietly exits the room.

As you lay there half cocked with a shit eating grin on your face, Rachel begins wake up.

“Good morning” she says.

“Morning babe, do you feel any better?”

“A little bit. Thanks for entertaining Monica for me. Sorry I’m such a light weight.”

“Honestly babe, any time,” you say trying to contain a guilty smirk.

“Now it’s time I do something for you, since you helped me live out my fantasy last night.” Your girlfriend moves down to your still-stiff cock, grabs it and puts her lips around the knob. As her head bobs up and down you can see her sucking up Monica’s pussy juices.

“It still tastes like my pussy. That’s weird,” she says.

You quickly respond. “You don’t remember that last night when I came to bed we had sex? But then you passed out on me.”

“Oh my god babe, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” you say, “you can make it up to me now.” You push Rachel’s head back down.

She’s not as aggressive a cock-sucker as Monica but she gets it done. Just the thought of her cleaning Monica’s cum off your dick is enough to make you bust your nut in her mouth. A little bit of cum is dripping out of the corner of her mouth but she wipes it up with her finger and swallows it with the rest of your load.

“Atta girl!” you say, petting her head.