Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dick_Donnelly...)

You’re waiting behind the bushes and Rachel’s standing in a clearing. You’re so bored you’ve gone from your heart racing to nearly nodding off, but then you hear footsteps and Amy’s voice.


Just as Amy passes you emerge from the bushes, speed walking behind her. She turns and sees the creep with the phantom mask and begins running in Rachel’s direction. She’s not a fast runner, her heavy mammaries slow her down. Even running you can see them bouncing. You easily overtake her. Wrapping your arms around the short cutie, you fall to the ground.

“Get the fuck off me!” she yells.

You put one hand over her and use the other to hold her arm behind her back. You sit up, resting your crotch on her big, beautiful ass. She tries throwing you off with no success. The more she squirms the better it feels as her soft butt rubs your cock through your pants.

It’s at this point that Rachel emerges. “Please don’t hurt my sister,” she says, faking concern.

“Your sister hmm? No one gets hurt as long as you do exactly what I say.”

“We’ll do whatever you say. Right sis?” she asks pointedly towards Amy. Amy’s eyes turn to you as she nods her head.

“Get over here!” You gesture to Rachel to come behind Amy, as you pull her up onto her knees. “Grab her arms,” you order Rachel. You move the front of Amy and unzip her hoodie. She must have been in a hurry as she’s only wearing a black lace bra underneath

“Take it off!” Rachel pulls off Amy’s sweater. “And her bra.” Rachel unhooks her sister’s bra and unleashes her arms for a moment to remove it. Amy’s gaze has been focused on your face until her bra descends and her eyes move to the bulge that’s suddenly formed in your pants in front of her. You can’t believe how nice her tits are. You always figured they would be a bit saggy but when her bra comes off they barely move an inch.

You unzip your pants and pull them down, freeing your hard cock. It nearly takes out Amy’s eye as it springs into action.