Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dick_Donnelly...)

Your phone rings, it’s Rachel, she must already be at Jamie’s place.You open the call and see Rachel’s face as she adjusts the camera. When you hear the door open, Rachel runs across the room and sits on the bed. Jamie walks in and sits on the bed next to Rachel.

“And you’re sure Ross is good with this?” Jamie asks.

“Oh yeah, it was practically his idea.”

“I definitely wouldn’t say that,” you think to yourself.

“Well if he’s cool with it, I definitely am. Jamie says, reaching around Rachel’s waist and pulling her closer

She reaches across and starts rubbing his crotch before unzipping his pants and then reaching into grab his cock. She pulls it out. It’s not exceptionally long but you’re surprised by how girthy it is. You worry about your little girlfriend taking a cock that thick.

Rachel’s eyes widen. “Wow!” she says before opening her mouth wide and putting it down on his now-stiff dick. She climbs on to the bed trying to get a better angle so that she can put it further and further into her mouth. As you watch you can’t believe how turned on you are, seeing your girlfriend sucking your friend’s dick. You start rubbing your cock as you’re watching her going to town, taking it deep as she can, trying hard to put it down her throat.

She climbs off the bed and pulls off Jamie’s pants then peels off her top, showing off her braless tits, then turns to put her ass in his face while she pulls down her skirt and panties. Jamie jams his face into her ass, licking at her lips to get her pussy good and wet. He grabs her hips and goes to sit her down on his cock, when she stops him.

“You have to wear a condom. That was Ross’s only stipulation.”

“Okaaay, ” he says rolling back on his bed and springing into his night stand. He pops it out and rolls it on like a man on a mission. Jamie lies on the bed and holds up his meat stick, while Rachel positions herself on top and slides her little pussy down on him.

You have a knot in your stomach as you watch Rachel moaning and bouncing on his cock but that doesn’t change the fact you’re as hard as a rock.

He rolls her off to take her from behind. As he positions himself you see him roll the condom off his cock then stick it back into your girlfriend.

“Your dick feels so fucking amazing,” she says as he drives and and out of her. You see her body start to twitch and you know exactly what it means. She moans hard “Mmmfffp!” as she cums, her legs shaking.

Jamie rolls her on to her back. You can by the way he’s laying on her that he’s kissing , which somehow bothers you more than the fucking, but you can’t see from the angle they’re at. All you can see is your friend’s balls slamming against your girlfriends cute butt.

“You have to pull out!” she says, obviously having realized he took the condom off.

“I can’t, I’m not going to make it!” he says a good twenty seconds before you see him make a couple of deep thrusts, no doubt shooting his load deep inside of Rachel.