Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

Your eyes widen at the sight of the strap-on. Sure it is only six inches, but you’ve never taken anything up your ass before, nor have you given a blowjob.

“You didn’t think this was just for fun, did you slut?” Rachel asks, her eyes lustfully searching your new body, from your fake tits to stocking covered legs. She strides over to you and grabs you. With a submissive look on your face, you let her cuff your hands together and force you to the floor. The fake cock waggles in front of your face and you hear her utter the words your submissive mind craves.

“Well, suck it then.”

Slowly you open your mouth and ease your head over the cock. Rachel grabs your head and begins moaning in pleasure, heightening the arousal in your penis, screaming to be let out of the leather prison in which it is trapped. Starting to really get into this, you start to flick your tongue around the head of the fake cock, as you know this really feels good, thanks to the many blowjobs your girlfriend has given you. Rachel begins to slowly increase the pace, face-fucking you, forcing the cock all the way down your throat, and your face under the skirt of her costume. Suddenly, with the cock half in your mouth, it explodes fake cum, puffing your cheeks like a hamster.

Pulling the cock out Rachel smiles down at you, “Good girls swallow.” Taking this advice, you swallow down the white liquid, wondering what on Earth it even is.

“Did you like that?” Rachel asks, knowing full well you did, courtesy of your massive erection bulging in your skirt. You nod, submissively, to which she smirks and continues, “ Now let’s get you up on here,” motioning to the bed. You stand slowly and crawl on to the bed. Rachel undoes one cuff, loops it through the headboard and secures you again.

“Now… Get this ass up,” she says, spanking you with a riding crop. An unhuman sound escapes your mouth as you hurry your knees up the bed, raising your ass.

“Up, up, up,” she says, spanking you twice on each word. You moan as you try to raise your ass further, at both the pain of your ass, and of your erection against the leather.

Tutting she says, “This noise will not do, but I have something for that.” Pulling back your head, she stuffs some panties into your mouth, followed by a big red ball gag. Fastening it, she mutters, “There, much better.”

You dislike the ache in your jaw already from the ballgag, but take solace in the fact the panties taste of your girlfriend’s pussy.

You feel your skirt hiked up and your panties pulled to one side, as Rachel asks you, “Ready to become a woman?”

Your penis answers for you and you vigorously nod to your girlfriend as she lines up the strap-on. As she pushes the cock in you feel a searing pain, quickly replaced by a great pleasure as the cock starts to slide in and out of your ass. Feeling you relax, Rachel sets a brutal pace with the cock, and after five minutes you feel your cock explode all over your lacy panties. Your groan drives your girlfriend on further as she pounds away at you ass for another half hour, before the fake cock finally explodes in your ass. In that time you have climaxed twice more and are lying in a pool of your own semen.

“Rest well sweet princess,” Rachel purrs, exiting the room, leaving you dressed in her clothes, gagged and handcuffed to the headboard, covered in your own cum, with fake cum leaking out of your ass.