Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dick_Donnelly...)

“Open your mouth” you tell Amy. She complies. You slide your dick into her open mouth.

You order Rachel, “Push her head down on my cock, do it right.”

Rachel looks at you with a wicked smile as she grabs Amy’s hair and begins pushing her head down on your cock. She is relentless as she shoves her head down fast and hard, pushing your cock deep into Amy’s throat. You’re impressed by how well she takes your cock and slurps it down, “Gak, gak, gak.” You hold her head back allowing her to catch her breath.

“Lean back,” you tell Amy as you guide her back so she being held up by Rachel. Amy’s drool is running off her chin and down her chest, through the canyon of her big, beautiful tits. You slap your dick between them.

“Wrap your sister’s tits around my cock” you tell Rachel. She does as she’s told, wrapping the soft but firm melons around your throbbing erection. All the drool is making the perfect lubricant as you enjoy the best titty-fuck of your life. You wonder what loser would dump a girl with such an amazing rack and deep throat ability and it makes you curious how good her pussy is.

You grab Amy under her arms and pull her forward on to you. “Take off her pants,” you say. Rachel is already on it, ripping her sister’s leggings down over her fat ass. You take the time to play with Amy’s tits, she moans softly in your ear as you suck on her nipples.

When Monica is completely naked you tell Rachel to take off her clothes. Excitedly she peels off her top, her tits bouncing out, then wiggles her cute ass out of her shorts.