Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dick_Donnelly...)

You’re surprised that Monica actually looks sad waiting for your response, you’ve never seen this side of her. You put your hand on her cheek. “I’m with you. You got a plan? I’ll follow your lead.” She smiles and grabs your face to lay one more kiss on you before going back inside.

You and Monica return to the kitchen, trying to look as innocent as possible.

“Jeez, what took guys so long?” Rachel asks.

You realize you never thought of an excuse why it took over ten minutes to grab some beer. Luckily Monica did.

“I got Ross to check my oil while he was here, I’m terrible at that kind of stuff.”

Rachel doesn’t give it a second thought and the four of you continue your night, having some drinks, chatting about this or that and you and Monica copping a feel whenever you get the chance. After a few drinks you can tell Rachel’s getting tipsy and she asks Jerry what attracted him to Monica.

“Did she win you over with her witty personality or just drop those tits of hers in your face and the rest is history?” she says, laughing.

Monica gives a fake offended look.

“Don’t act like that’s not your go to, slut!” Rachel jabs.

Monica playfully punches her, laughing, and responds before Jerry has a chance. “If anyone was dangling something in front of the other’s face it was Jerry.”

Jerry gives a single nod with an arrogant smirk on his face.

“Why’s that?” Rachel asks.

“Jerry here has a reputation around the yoga studio for having a massive schlong.”

“It’s not my fault, yoga pants don’t leave much to the imagination,” Jerry says, bragging more than defending himself.

Rachel stands there with her hands cupped over her mouth trying to hide a big smile. She finally collects herself enough to say, “You’re joking!”

“I don’t think she believes you, Jerry,” Monica says. “Go ahead and share with the class.”

Without hesitation Jerry undoes his pants and unleashes his anaconda. Everyone stands in awe, staring at the man’s giant cock.

“Is that the biggest dick you’ve seen or what?” Monica asks Rachel.

“Whoa!” Rachel says. “Is that as big as it gets?”

“See for yourself” Jerry says, guiding her hand to the long cock dangling in front of her.

She stops inches away and turns to look at you as if seeking approval before proceeding. You say to her, “Hell, go ahead babe. I mean I’m as straight as a board and even I’m curious how big that monster gets.”

Rachel looks back at Jerry’s giant member and wraps her hand around it. Her fingers barely touch as she picks it up and begins stroking it back and forth. His dick begins to expand and grow, it has to be at least ten inches long and Rachel’s fingers can no longer touch. She grabs it with both hands, stroking it vigorously. She seems entranced by it like she’s forgotten you or Monica are there.

“It’s so fucking huge!” Rachel lets out.

Like the little devil on her shoulder, Monica slides up behind her and says, “Ya, I bet you couldn’t even fit that in your mouth.”

“I don’t think I could either,” Rachel responds, looking slightly worried.

“Oh, I think you could,” Jerry says, putting his fingers through her hair and guiding her down on to her knees.

Once again she looks for your approval. This time, before you can think of anything to say, Jerry grabs her chin, turns her face and inserts his massive cock into your girlfriend’s eager mouth.