Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

You hurriedly start your car and chase after them, but it’s no use. Losing them in the traffic, you decide that there is nothing for it but to head home and wait. Several nervous hours go by before Rachel stumbles in though the front door and slumps down on the couch. She’s not wearing the gimp mask.

Her hair looks like a bird’s nest, all frizzled and matted with what is clearly cum. She is wearing the robe, but it’s undone and gaping wide open, her boobs swinging free, covered in the red welts of hickies and hand prints. Dragging your eyes up to Rachel’s face you can see flakes of dried up cum on her forehead, cheeks and chin.

Seeing you staring at her face, Rachel raises her hand. “I know. No mask. It seemed pointless — the guys knew who I was. Anyway, that made me realize that being the village bicycle means that you’re known for it… amongst certain circles at least.” She shrugs, “So not wearing it seemed the right thing to do. Also, it was a real turn on having the guys know exactly who they were renting!” she finishes with a sultry shudder.

“Okay… certain circles isn’t too bad I guess,” you admit, acknowledging the perverse logic. “But you were gone for a long time. Where did ya go?”

“They took me to a tattoo studio,” Rachel says sheepishly, raising her legs to rest her feet on the coffee table. As she rolls her ankle you see an image of a small cluster of cottages. “Kind of cute, don’t you think?” laughs Rachel. “Subtle too, in a not-so-subtle kinda way, if ya get my drift hahaha”

“Jesus Rachel! Cute? You let them tattoo you? Really?” you exclaim, nearly jumping out of your seat, “What was going through your head?”

“What was going through my head?” Rachel giggles. “I’d say about eight inches of cock, hahahaha!” Seeing your face redden, she stops laughing. “Sorry Ross, too soon? Anyway, it sorta fits with the right demographic who should know who the village bicycle is, so I thought it was safe. It didn’t take long for them to catch on either! John had me blow him while the guy did the tattoo on my ankle! It was crazy. Dan and Paul had to hold my legs still because John was, um, quite, ah, vigorous… Oh! That reminds me,” she goes on, reaching into a pocket of the robe, “here is the rest of the rent!”

What looks to be about a grand in cash flutters to the floor.

“What’s that? They already paid up, you saw them,” you ask, confused.

“Oh, that’s from the guys at the tattoo parlor,” Rachel explains. “John described the situation to them, and, well, they wanted a ride…”

“But I was supposed to be renting you out,” you interrupt, “it’s not fair!”

“You got the rent!,” Rachel snaps, gesturing to the money scattered on the floor. “Anyway, whose fantasy is this? I didn’t really have a choice! I couldn’t say no, could I?”

“Couldn’t or didn’t want to?” you retort, shaking your head in amazement at the fact that your girlfriend let her boss rent her out to a bunch of strangers in some seedy tattoo joint.

Seeing you are still upset, Rachel slowly stands up and walks over to kneel at your feet and reach out to undo your pants. As she leans forward to lick your now raging boner, she looks up at you and purrs “Both, I guess… I think I see the issue now. Do you want a ride too? You can have me for free. I’m your bicycle after all…”

You give in and throw your head back as your girlfriend sinks her pretty lips over the head of your dick and pushes it into her throat. After several minutes of noisy gagging and slurping, Rachel stops just as you’re about to cum. She grabs your hand and leads you to the bedroom. Climbing onto the bed, Rachel gets on all fours and wiggles her ass underneath the robe. Not needing any further encouragement, you flip the robe up over your girlfriend’s back and slide your dick into her pussy. It’s warm and slippery, providing no resistance. As you pound Rachel, the room soon fills with the slapping of your balls on her plump ass and the thick squelching of her sloppy pussy. You can feel the cum from the other guys who’ve fucked your girlfriend oozing out and dripping on to your legs. It’s gross, but at the same time turns you on. Thinking of how many guys must have cum inside her over the last few hours you start pounding Rachel harder.

“Oh yeah Ross, do me, do me! Harder! Yeah, harder! I’m so stretched out, you’ve gotta reaaallly. Fuck. Me. Hard!”

Tightening your grip on Rachel’s hips you look down at her ass quivering each time your crotch slaps into it. A faded red outline on the small of her back catches your attention. “What’s. That. On. Your. Back?” you grunt between thrusts.

“Oh! That?” pants your girlfriend, reaching out for the bedside lamp. “The tattoo guy had an idea for a ‘tramp stamp’. He used glow in the dark ink,” she finishes as the lamp clicks off. Before your eyes a softly glowing blue bicycle replaces the reddened skin. “Not so subtle, huh?”

“You’re crazy!” you blurt out slamming deep into Rachel, feeling the cum rise in your balls.

“Oh that’s not the crazy part!” laughs Rachel, “To make sure it was in the right spot, he insisted on doing it live…”

“Whaaat?” you groan, about to bust your nut.

“Yeah… he had… his cock… in me… the… whole… time!” Rachel moans in time with the slow rotation of her ass as she grinds it hard into your crotch.

Picturing an over weight hairy guy with his cock lodged inside Rachel’s pussy while he tattoos her, combined with the effect of the slowly undulating image of the glowing bicycle is mesmerizing. You feel your dick begin to swell even larger. Rachel notices too.

“Oooh! You like! Come on baby… ride that bicycle… oh yeah… keep going…” Rachel moans as you slow down to hold off from cumming. “Oh baby, do you wanna hear more? He just held it there. I had to stay still… it took forever! I couldn’t help it… I was a bad girl. I kept him touched up… hold still and I’ll show you…” she drifts off.

As you stop pounding your girlfriend she continues. “I milked him with my pussy. Like. This.”

You groan as you feel Rachel’s pussy slowly clamp down on your dick and squeeze. As the rhythmic contractions continue, it’s too much and you cum.

You collapse onto the bed, and as you drift off to sleep you wander what will happen on Monday when Rachel goes in to work.