Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

A week passes. You collapse through the door after a long hard day at the office. You’re glad it is the end of the week, so you can spend some more time with Rachel. As you fall onto the sofa, you notice a note standing on the coffee table in front of you.

“Hey Ross, if you loved last week as much as I did, then come and see me, and maybe we can have some more fun! Love Rachel xx”

Dumbfounded, you stare at the paper, before finally comprehending the implications. A grin appears on your face and you get up and walk to your room, and into your en-suite. Your girlfriend is standing there, casually leaning, filing her nails.

“Erm… Umm,” you stammer.

“Don’t worry Ross, I know,” she states, as she begins to quickly get to work on your transformation. Fifteen minutes later and you stare into the mirror, gazing at your flowing brunette hair that frames your womanly face perfectly.

Rachel leans over your shoulder, whispering, “Say hello to my new friend Mandy.” Realizing there is no new girl, you understand that Mandy is your new female name. You gulp and reply with a quiet, “Hello.”

“C’mon,” Rachel says, yanking you into the bedroom. “Now it’s the weekend I thought that Mandy might stay a bit?” she asks, and with you all shaved and made up, the only a answer is yes. Rachel squeals with delight, and dives into the closet. She pulls out a short, black leather dress, and the same black strappy heels as last week. Turning to the drawers, she pulls out your breast moulds, a strapless bra, a sexy pink thong and matching suspenders, with black stockings. As she pulls out some adhesives, you look confused, but Rachel assures you, “This will keep the breast forms on for two days!”

Gulping, you allow her to stick the breasts on, before she scurries off to another room, grabbing a bag from the back of the door. Pulling the thong and suspenders up, you attach the stockings and put the bra on. Feeling aroused, you slowly pull up the leather dress, savouring every moment of this feeling. You put on the heels and admire yourself in the mirror, commenting on how much of a slut you look with your stocking tops showing underneath your dress.

Smirking, you leave the room to go and find Rachel, only for a wet rag to be pressed over your mouth and nose as you leave the room. Inhaling the scent of chloroform, you slowly begin to pass out….