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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lili...)

You decide to continue and try to thrust. Rachel’s asshole is tight; you manage to pull out a few inches only to slam back into her balls-deep.

She lets out a piercing scream. “Rachel, are you sure you want to continue?” you ask gently.

“It’s your choice to continue master,” she replies weakly. A part of you wants to break her anus and another doesn’t. You decide to break her anus.

You thrust over and over, massaging one of her breasts. “Darling, this might hurt a bit…” you tell her, grabbing some wooden clamps and clamping her nipples. You add chains to the clamps.

You pull on the chains hard. A scream of pain escapes her lips and tears leak down her cheeks. Despite this, Rachel lifts her ass higher and asks for you to continue to thrust.

You thrust more into her tight little hole and feel your balls boiling. As if sensing it, she whimpers, “Don’t come inside me master,” not wanting to be pregnant.

Hold up a minute, it’s your choice what you do, not hers!

You land a light slap on your girlfriend’s face, then come inside her with no warning. You pull out. Hot cum leaks out of her puckered hole.

You flip her over, grab the chains and yank hard. You are now straddling her. You ram your humungous erect cock into her. She screams in pain.

You don’t care but are a bit worried for you girlfriend.

You continue thrusting deeper until she lets out a bunch of moans. Rachel’s body starts shaking violently. She’s about to come.

She comes all over your dick. You shove your dick, covered with her cum into her mouth deeply, making her gag. Overcoming that reflex, she swallows your whole dick, guiding you with her hands.

You come inside your girlfriend’s mouth and she swallows. Then you take your shaft out and place it between her breasts while it’s still leaking and start fucking her tits.