Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

The four of them disentangle themselves from each other with Rachel still lying on the bed with her legs splayed out to the corners. John is lying next to her, lazily playing with her right boob. Paul is lying on her other side, playing with her left boob, and Dan is sitting in the arm chair at the foot of the bed.

“Guys I’m done for the night, my pussy and my asshole can’t possibly take any more of your cocks in them,” Rachel says in between deep breaths and minor shudders of her body.

“I think we had a great night, Rachel. It was amazing that you let us fuck your pussy and then let us fuck your asshole and come deep inside your bowels,” John says, then leans over and takes her quivering boob into his mouth and sucks like a newborn.

“Yeah Rachel, thank you so much for including us in your sexting with your boyfriend Ross. When we started all this, I never imagined I would get to fuck you,” says Paul before following his bosses lead and latching onto her other boob.

“You have such an amazing body Rachel, even if we don’t do anything else ever again with you I will remember your mouth sucking me, and your pussy and your asshole wrapped around my cock. I especially loved fucking your asshole and filling it with my sperm,” says Dan as he moves over to the bed and begins playing with her clit.

Her whole body shivering from the extra attention on her tits and clit, Rachel says, “Oh, God, you guys, I never intended to fuck you either. I thought I was just gonna give you some hand jobs or blow jobs so Ross could get his rocks off watching the video. And I definitely didn’t think the three of you had gigantic penises.”

“Well now you know how big our cocks are, and how much pleasure you can get from us as you keep making the videos for your boyfriend, Ross,” says John as he unlatches his mouth from your girlfriend’s tit.

“You were the biggest surprise, John. Your cock was the longest and thickest out of the three of you… And you definitely dispelled the myth that all Asian men have small dingalings!” comments Rachel.

“Do you think your boyfriend will want to us to do this with you again or do you think he will want us dead?” asks Dan.

“I think he will be into us doing more but we won’t know until I talk to him but I’m definitely done for the night guys. I’ll see you in the morning,” Rachel says and gets up off the bed, not giving the guys any more chances to keep going tonight.

The video ends with Rachel giving the guys warm hugs and walking them out of the room.

You text Rachel. “Holy shit babe I had no idea you were going to fuck those guys! But I think I loved it. Especially because they all had giant cocks. If you want to do more with them tomorrow I would love to see it. Except tomorrow, I want you to live-stream it. Let me know what you wanna do.”