Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You check your email and there are none from your girlfriend so you turn on the TV and binge your favorite show for six hours. Still finding no new email from Rachel, you return to the show but fall asleep. Your phone bleeps at 3AM with a new email received notification.

You check your email and there is one from Rachel with two attachments. It was sent only two minutes ago. Both attachments are video files, one of them two hours and 35 minutes, the other nearly seven hours. You click on the shorter one and begin watching your girlfriend get fucked by her boss.

The video starts with Rachel walking into a hotel room. It is a giant suite, with a huge living area.

“Just head straight for the bedroom Rachel, I want to get my cock deep into your pussy right away. It’s been aching to be surrounded and squeezed by your tight hole. My cock was rock-hard all night while we were at dinner. I feel like I might cum any second and want the tip of my cock to be pressed up against your cervix so my cum can shoot directly into your womb,” John says in an urgent voice.

They must have set up some actual cameras in the bedroom because the next minute hops back-and-forth between front side and back perspectives of your girlfriend walking in to John’s bedroom while stripping, with John following behind and stripping as well.

When Rachel gets to his bed, she climbs up and lays on her back with her legs spread open. John must’ve really meant it when he said he was ready to cum, because by the time he gets in position between her legs his giant rock-hard cock is leaking cum which is dripping onto your girlfriend’s pussy.

“Oh, my God John! Your sperm is already leaking from your cock! If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to knock me up!”

“I wouldn’t mind putting my babies in your belly Rachel, but I’ll take what I can get. And I love fucking your tight pussy and shooting my cum deep inside your body to know that my sperm swimming around inside your uterus searching for your eggs makes me so damn hot!” John says, and jams his cock into your girlfriend’s quivering pussy until his balls are resting on her twitching asshole.

“Oh, fuck, my pussy! Your a cock is huge, John,” Rachel mutters as she tilts her head back in a combination of pain and pleasure.

“Fuck you have an amazing pussy, Rachel!” John nearly shouts and becomes as taut as a steel beam. All except for his ass cheeks, which clinch over and over and over again.

You thank God that your girlfriend is still protected from pregnancy by the PlanB as you watch her boss pump his sperm directly into her womb with more than a dozen large spurts.

The video continues with John fucking the hell out of Rachel over and over again for the next two and half hours, filling her with his sperm half a dozen times. John filled Rachel’s pussy with so much cum that there was a three-inch pool of the thick white gooey splooge under her ass by the end of the video.

“Oh my God, John you filled me with so much of your cum that it’s making me nervous that the PlanB will not be strong enough to keep me from getting pregnant with your baby,” Rachel says, looking at John with tearful eyes.

The video ends here and you quickly click on the next video. It is one long video of John continuously fucking Rachel and cumming balls-deep in her pussy every single time. Except in this video, John has Rachel emptying her pussy of his sperm into a quart-sized measuring cup.

John would fuck your girlfriend in all kinds of positions, push his cock in to her balls-deep and fill her with his sperm. When he was done spurting his sperm into her, he would position a measuring cup under her swollen slit and capture the gushing cum, pulling her pussy lips apart with his fingers and scraping her lips with the edge of the measuring cup.

Each hour John would fill up your girlfriend’s pussy with five to seven loads of sperm and collect it in the measuring cup. At the top of the hour John would hold up the measuring cup to the camera, and there would be an extra three quarters of an inch or so of John’s sperm-filled semen that was collected from Rachel’s constantly inseminated pussy.

By the end of the video, the quart measuring cup was filled almost to the top.