Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

“Rachel, I think we both enjoyed this, but I don’t want it to get out of hand, promise me, from here on out only I can rent you out, and next time I think we’ll have to change the sign,” you say to Rachel.

“Yes Ross, you’re right.”

The weekend goes by without you talking about it, even though you didn’t stop thinking about what had transpired.

When Monday morning arrives you notice that Rachel has dressed up more than usual, not only that but she has altered her skirt to be tighter and more lifted. Rachel usually wears stockings and you are reassured to see that her stockings cover her new tattoo so that won’t be a problem. Still, you are pretty nervous.

Rachel notices it so she asks you, “Ross, are you okay? You look worried. If you’re worrying about the guys, don’t worry, they promised they wouldn’t reveal my identity.”

That doesn’t reassure you much. “Rachel, they’re men, I assure you they’ll be bragging about what they did to you last weekend.”

Rachel responds excitedly although you mistake it for worry. “Are they really going to be talking about me?”

“Don’t worry Rachel, I’m sure they are going to be excitedly bragging about fucking the prettiest girl in town. I don’t think they will make negative comments, although men can be very lewd. If they do, don’t take it the wrong way love, that’s how men talk. You’ll see. What they will brag about is how much they enjoyed the new town bicycle.”

Rachel gets excited and gives you a deep kiss. “Thank you, love, that puts my mind at ease, I’m ready to go to work.”

Having said that, Rachel leaves for work. Once she gets to the office, John, Paul, and Dan look at each other and keep looking at Rachel as she walks to her cubicle. Rachel enjoys their attention so she makes sure to walk sensually and slowly, attracting the attention of another of her co-workers.

Once in her cubicle she begins her activities. Everything goes on like any other day until it is time for lunch. John makes sure to sit with most of the men in the department. Rachel, seeing this, remembers what you had said so she discreetly sits close to the group so she can hear the conversation.

“You won’t believe what happened to Paul, Dan and me. Over the weekend we went to the lookout in the hills, you know where dogging is done? We were actually just in the car in parked when another car parks a few spots away from us, then out comes a girl in a robe with a gimp mask. She takes off her robe and gets half way into the car. Naturally we approached the car, and boy was it a lucky day, the first thing we saw was her ass. She looked amazing, a delicious ass, just like Rachel’s, identical!”

Hearing that, Rachel feels her blood run low with worry that she is going to be exhibited, but at the same time she feels an intense excitement when she hears the way her boss is about to talk about her, even more when she hears him say those comments using her name. She can’t help but think how many times they talked about her like that for John to say it so naturally, but her thoughts are interrupted by the comments of the rest of the men.

“God, it must have been a delicious ass if it was identical to Rachel’s”

“Yeah, I love it when she bends over the copier!”

“Rachel is such a tart, you saw the way she dressed today, she looked so hot!”

“And the way she walked, I could swear she does it on purpose!” to which they all unanimously replied “Yeah!”

John interrupts. “Well that’s how good the ass we found was, but if you like Rachel’s ass so much I might have a lot of copies to order from her today, how about thirty minutes after lunch? If you want to take a break and enjoy the view I won’t say anything.”

They all laugh mischievously.

“But as I was saying, once we got closer we saw that there was a note, that ass was the new bicycle in town, and we could ride it for a hundred dollars, but we could also use it however we wanted and take it wherever we wanted. If you work hard, maybe I can consider renting it for the whole department!”

They all cheer and shout with excitement. Rachel gets even more nervous and excited with the idea.

John adds, “And the best part is that her body, hair and everything looks a lot like our Rachel, she was wearing a gimp mask so there is no way to know what she looks like and who she is without it, but otherwise she looks a lot like her, so we could imagine that she is Rachel, just like we did then. Maybe we can arrange a price to let us call her Rachel. Meanwhile it’s time to go back, remember in thirty minutes the show starts with the real Rachel.”

Rachel has to wait for everyone to leave so she won’t be discovered listening to the conversation, but when only John is left he comes to where Rachel is hiding and sits down in front of her. She becomes very nervous and tense. “Boss!” she says.

“Come on Rachel, after this weekend you can call me John. Come on, are you going to tell me that after how we fucked you, and you let me rent you to the guys in the studio and you let me tattoo you, you are going to be shy? Seriously the office tart, the town bicycle, you’re going to get shy?”

“It’s not that, John, it’s just that I was worried you were going to reveal my identity.”

“Come on Rachel, being town bicycle means everyone knows who you are but hey, I respect your position even though I imagine it’s more your boyfriend|’s decision than yours. The way you came in today tells me that you do want to be known.”

Rachel bites her lip “Thank you, John, for respecting my position, maybe eventually everyone will know, but that will be something my boyfriend and I will decide. Last time was my first time and I got carried away. I will be more careful on future occasions. In the meantime, as a thank you, today maybe I can, as you said, put on a show?”