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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Lezzie22...)

“Hey Mandy, how you feeling?” Rachel’s voice sounds far away, but brings you to consciousness after the chloroform. Any attempt at a response is muffled by the dildo gag in your mouth. A three-inch plastic cock strapped to your mouth, with an eight inch cock sticking out.

“Sorry to do that to you, but I didn’t want you to know what is about to happen,” Rachel continues. She straightens up and looks down at you. Your heeled feet are separated by a spreader bar, and your body is bound in a strappado position, arms painstakingly stretched to the ceiling.

“I am feeling a bit horny, and I am sure you could…. lend a hand?” Rachel asks, batting her long eyelashes at you. Without warning she straddles you, pulls the cock gag and inserts it into her pussy. The gag, an inch longer than your own cock, is almost certain to be better than your cock ever was for her, and she shows this, pushing into your face vigorously, with matching enthusiastic moans to match. Each pump of the gag makes your entire body move, resulting in a screaming pain in your shoulders, and a dull ache in your feet, now understanding the pain of high heels. Suddenly Rachel shrieks, her body convulsing in an orgasm far greater than you feel you have given her.

“Now there are some other people hopeful to experience you tonight, Mandy,” Rachel smirks gleefully, striding away, as your step-sister Amy and Rachel’s two hottest friends, Verity and Beth strut towards you, seductive smiles plastered in their faces. All three of them are clad in latex bra and panties, of varying colours, with eight-inch black strap-ons protruding from their crotches. Your cock is screaming for release in your thong and dress, as the sight of some of the hottest girls you know, and your sister (who is also hot, but your step-sister — gross) stand before you ready to violate your feminized body.

“Wow Rachel,” your sister says, inspecting you, “you have done a really great job with Ross- I mean Mandy, I almost can’t tell that it is my brother there.” The other girls giggle as Rachel smiles and laughs from her chair in the corner.

“Thanks Amy, working in a salon when i was younger helped I guess,” Rachel says.

“Hehe. Ready big bro, or should I say sis?” Amy asks. Without waiting for an answer she pulls up your dress and pulls aside the thong, keeping your cock encased. She pushes eight inches into your ass, and the pleasure in your cock shoots upwards like a rocket. Rocking back and forth, Amy sets a rhythm, not rapid fire, but deep, reaching your bowels as she fucks you.

Within five minutes you have plastered your leather dress with a load of cum. Amy continues for another thirty-five minutes before the fake cock explodes the mystery liquid in your ass. Luckily for you she has stopped before your second orgasm of the session, but unluckily, Verity saunters round to your ass, stroking her fake cock. Beth undoes your gag. She crouches down and looks into your eyes.

“You make a very pretty girl, Ross” she comments. A ludicrously sexy brunette, she briefly worked the streets in college to make ends meet, and specialised in teasing guys in the bedroom. Considered her group’s sex expert, she is getting to try something new tonight. Pinching your nose to open your mouth, Beth and Verity slam their fake cocks into your mouth and ass simultaneously and the sheer feeling of being so filled up sends you into orgasm. Brutally spit-roasting you, the girls continue for a solid forty-five minutes; as Beth slams forwards, Verity withdraws, and vice versa. As if on cue, both fake cocks explode with fake cum, filling your ass further, and forcing you to swallow the vile liquid. High fiving, the girls leave with Amy, knowing that they made you cum twice more in those forty-five minutes.

“I hope you will enjoy watching that as much as I did,” your girlfriend whispers, looking at a webcam in the corner that has been recording the whole thing. Laughing, she straps a tiny vibrator to the base of your cock and pulls your dress over your ass.

“Night night, Mandy,” she laughs, shutting off the lights and leaving you in darkness broken only by the red light of the camera.