Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by VCG...)

“Well, at least we know you’re his type,” Simone remarks.

The woman gets to her feet and walks over to you, then crouches down to be at eye level. She’s close, closer than she needed to be just to kiss you and as she lowers down, her skirt becomes draped over you as her legs brush against yours. You know that under it, her crotch must be mere inches from your own. You wonder, given how she looks like your girlfriend, if she feels like her too, if she tastes like her.

She gently takes the back of your head and pulls you into a long kiss. She lets your tongue explore her mouth, allowing it to push her own aside as you choose but she is clearly in control. With her hand where it is, she can hold you there for as long as she wishes or pull you away the moment she gets bored. She holds you like that for a while and eventually pulls away.

She might look like your girlfriend, but she certainly doesn’t kiss like her.

“I’m Ashley, by the way,” she tells you, as she makes her way back to her seat.

“Huh, my mother is called Ashley,” Rachel muses next to you.

“How about we skip the next spin and you call me mother?” Ashley tells her, making powerful, intimate eye contact. She drops to a crouch in front of Rachel and leans in just like she did with you. You can barely hear her whisper, “Or how about mommy?”

“Yes Mommy,” your girlfriend replies, just as quietly right before she is pulled into a kiss the same as you were. Except this one seems to last even longer. By the time it ends, you’ve started to get a little bit jealous.

Ashley goes back to her seat. “Anyone else want in?” she offers the room.