Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eight...)

On Friday night you and Rachel go to the movies first, trying limit the chance of being seen, hoping it’ll be dark.

After the movie you drive out and find a sex shop on the edge of town. You go inside and two store clerks greet you — a short pudgy man with receding hairline and a younger chubby man whom you assume is his son.

“What you in for?” says the older.

Your girlfriend replies, “Just browsing.”

The younger man is taking side glances at your girlfriend. It gives you pride. Why not? She’s five foot eight with blond hair and green eyes, medium-sized perky breasts, beautiful soft skin and a tight little ass. Hmmm now you’re getting excited. You look back at her and she’s wearing her short black skirt with no noticeable underwear outline and a pink tank top with her hair pulled back in a ponytail.

As you browse the porn, Rachel comes from behind and taps your ass with something hard. You turn around and she’s wearing a big black strap on.

“Hell no sweetie!” you laugh.

She laughs too. “Why not?

You smile back. “I won’t be able to walk after that!”

“I can recommend a lube,” says the younger pudgy man.

“Nope!” you say loudly.

As you both giggle and play, something catches her eye.