Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel’s face is a contortion of nerves and pain as she leaves the house and hobbles over to her car. She has had two giant black dildos a foot long and as thick around as a soda can inside her pussy and asshole for over three days at this point and she has a bit of a limp.

Her nerves are all frayed as well, not even able to speak with your children for fear of breaking down into fits of crying.

Rachel comes home at the end of the day even more raw than the morning and plops onto the bed.

“Oh my God Ross, my entire pelvis is on fire. I don’t know how many more days I can handle these things inside me… and John was so rough with my asshole today. It felt like he tore something inside…” Rachel blurts out with her arm draped over her eyes.

“He doesn’t expect you will be able to keep going like this does he?” you ask, feeling outraged at the abuse your beautiful girlfriend is suffering at the hands of her depraved boss.

“Well about that Ross… John mentioned a way he would let me keep these things out of my body forever… but I don’t know… I don’t think I want to do that with him,” Rachel says with her arm still draped over her face. She sounds like she might cry at any moment.

“What is it? It can’t be as bad as having giant dildos in your ass and pussy all day and night for days.”

“Well… John says he would let me take them out and keep them out of me if I agree to him fucking my pussy,” Rachel confesses and you can see the tears start.

“Not ideal but must be better than what you are going through right now. What’s the catch? There’s got to be a catch…”

“John says if I agree, there is never to be any kind of birth control allowed… and he gets to cum wherever he wants, whenever he wants, however much he wants… and there are other conditions,” Rachel says. The tears are freely flowing now.

“Holy shit… what’s this guy trying to do? Get you pregnant with his child?” you say in outrage.

“That’s why I still have these enormous things inside me Ross. I just can’t imagine becoming impregnated by him.”

“Totally out of the question. What are the other conditions?” you ask, seething.

“If I get pregnant with his baby, I have to keep it and raise it as my own,” Rachel says, now openly bawling.

You hug her and comfort her as best you can. It seems to help a bit because her sobbing stops.

“Can I get you something for the pain?” you offer.

“Oh yes please Ross. You are such a dear man,” Rachel says.

When you bring it to her, she takes the pills but rushes to the bathroom and calls her boss.

“Ah… just like clockwork. You’re being a really good girl Rachel. Now today, I want your boyfriend Ross to handle the entire thing… or there will be consequences,” John says through her phone with a devious smile on his face.

“Ross… did you hear that? I need you honey…” Rachel calls to you.

As much as you want to reach through the phone and throttle the guy, you swallow your pride and walk over to help in the abuse of your dear girlfriend by her boss. Like it or not, your family would be ruined if she lost her super-high-paying job.

You know exactly what to do because you helped her two nights in a row. You undo the buckles and slowly pull the gigantic dildos out of her ass and pussy. Even though you have seen them leaving and entering her body several times already, you just can’t believe the two things have been inside your girlfriend all afternoon and will be back inside her all night.

Rachel’s asshole and pussy are so stretched out from the two mega dildos that they both remain gaped nearly two inches wide for a full minute. A river of John’s thick white cum streams out of her asshole first. Then her shit just seems to fall out of her like it was dropping from the sky.

As horrifying as it must be for her, and as outraged as you are, your cock is diamond-hard right now. You try your best to keep Rachel from seeing it but she notices and is not able to filter it in the depleted condition she is in. “Oh my God Ross… why do you have an erection? Does this turn you on?”

“Hahaha… I love it! Your boyfriend gets his rocks off watching me abuse your ass and pussy! Are you sure you don’t want me to claim your fertile pussy Rachel? It looks like your boyfriend might want that after all!” John says and keeps giggling as he waits for an answer.

You look up at Rachel and she looks into your eyes to see that in your heart, the gruesome abuse John has been putting her through is something you have always wanted to do to her.

“Master, if I say yes to your claim on my ‘fertile garden’ can I keep these two trainers out of my body tonight?” Rachel asks.

“If you say yes, then yes. But you must sleep with no clothes on tonight, and never wear underwear again as long as you remain my slave,” John says so commandingly your spine shakes a bit.

“Yes master… thank you so much master…” Rachel says with her eyes looking into yours.