Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eight...)

Switching to Rachel’s point of view…

The stranger gently caresses between your legs, sending shivers through your body. As he starts to massage your pussy you turn around for your boyfriend Ross and lean back against the wall with the hole underneath your pussy. The stranger continues to play with your pussy.

You watch Ross take his phone out and place it beside him. ‘Holy shit!’ you think, ‘He’s recording.’ And then another arm comes through a hole near your chest and starts grope your tits.

You look at Ross and he’s jerking and that’s enough for you. You pull your shirt over your head, enjoying the feeling of two strangers fondling you. Your boyfriend steps up and helps remove your bra. You two kiss while two strangers enjoy your fully nude body. You start to moan and you can tell you’re very wet done there.

The upper arm disappears and you flop forward, putting your hands on Ross’s knees. You need to feel his cock in your mouth. As you start licking you feel your ass cheeks hit the wall.

You moan as the stranger picks up speed with his fingers. Ross repositions his phone to get a better view of your pussy being played with. “OMG, I can’t believe this is happening!”

You feel the stranger’s fingers work inside you, exploring. You can feel the coolness of the wall on your ass and breeze on your pussy. You let out a soft moan. Your boyfriend’ss cock in your mouth is tasting and feeling so good.

The fingers stop and a new feeling starts. It’s larger than the fingers. It starts to rub up and down your clit. “Oh shit , that’s a cock!” you say to yourself. The head feels slightly larger than Ross’s. It presses in and you choke on your boyfriend’s cock for a second.

Ross’s head is back and he is lost in the moment. You feel the penis slowly push its way in, stretching you a little more than usual. You moan with your boyfriend’s cock in your mouth. Then the stranger pulls it back and then pushes in a little further. You push back against the wall to maintain your balance and focus on your boyfriend. But this is taken as an invitation to the stranger. He begins thrusting faster and deeper.

The stranger picks up momentum, and you let out a loud moan, looking up at Ross who still has his head in the air. You start sucking with more intensity.

This is intense, you never dreamed of this scenario and it feels so good. You can feel the penis swell a little more. “Oh god, yes fill me!” you say in your head, to your own surprise.

You feel the warmth of another man’s seed filling you. The stranger slows down his thrusts and you feel his cum hitting your womb. This triggers a massive orgasm, and you moan in pleasure.

The cock pulls out slowly and you can sense Ross is about to cum. And with one more head bob, he blows his load into your mouth. It’s too much so you gag and lift up and ropes of his cum hit you in the face, covering your cheeks and mouth.