Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eight...)

Switching to Rachel’s point of view…

You’re breathing heavy as you lean against the wall.

The wall talks again, “Can I get a turn now?” says a different voice as another twenty drops.

This must be the boob guy. This excites you. “Not unless you’re quick, my boyfriend will be back.”

“No, he won’t, my son is distracting him.”


“Can I come in? I’m better in person.”

Your heart and mind race. Can you? Should you? You can still feel the cum from the last guy.

“Please,” you hear yourself say.

The stranger enters the room quickly and it’s the older pudgy clerk. You look down and he’s got a very thick long cock, already hard.

You bite your lip and sit up on the stool, leaning back against the wall and spreading your legs, giving the pudgy man the best view and easy entry for that large cock.

He strokes his dick while admiring your near perfect body, them rubs your pussy with his knob. You moan, “It’s so big!”

The position is perfect and he slides in slowly. You feel every inch fill you. You try not to moan too loudly.

He notices this. “You can be loud if you want. My boy took your boyfriend down the road to the house.”

With that invitation you don’t hold back and he begins to hammer his cuck into you. Your tits are bouncing, your body on full display for this man. And then you realize it’s on full display for the customers as the pudgy man left the door open. A group of young men are watching. This makes you cum hard on the pudgy man’s cock. You moan as the pudgy man hammers your pussy and you grab your tits and start rubbing them.

The young men have moved closer, getting a better view.

“Oh baby I’m gonna cum on those beautiful tits,” you hear the pudgy man say.

It’s like something dormant has awakened inside you. You know this is wrong, but feels so good. Being watched and fucked by strangers.

“No… cum in… my… pussy don’t… need … my… boyfriend…” you gasp, breathing heavily.

The pudgy man nods his head and grabs your hips and fucks you faster. You wrap your legs around him pushing him deeper into you. You scream out.

“Arrgghhh!” The pudgy man cums. You can feel every blast hitting your insides. This sets you over the edge and cry out in pure pleasure.

The pudgy man takes a phone out and takes video of his cock in your pussy and slowly pulls it out. You can still feel him shooting in you as he is leaving you. “Wait, put it back in, I want to enjoy its size!”

The pudgy man obliges, filming his cock re-enter you. You lean back, enjoying the sensation. You look over and smile at the crowd. The pudgy man pulls his deflated cock out. You moan out loud.

The young men are smiling. You sit with legs spread, letting the young men take you all in. You’re hot and you know it tonight. The pudgy man admires you for a bit before leaving.

The door closes.