Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eight...)

You’re out on the town and find yourself by the sex shop. You go in to check things.

The pudgy clerk is at the till and couple of women are milling about. You walk over to the clerk, look to make sure no one can hear you and enquire, “How busy is that booth?”

The clerk leans forward. “Usually Saturdays and Wednesday for some reason.”

“Cool.” You’re about to look around and you notice a TV screen behind the counter with a video paused. The picture has large thick cock in a very beautiful pussy like your girlfriend’s.

“That’s a sweet pussy, and a cock I wish I had.”

The pudgy clerk smiles. “That’s my cock.”

“Oh wow good for you, who’s the lucky chick?”

The clerk seems slightly embarrassed. “Some chick a long time ago. I just like watching it, as she was the hottest I’ll ever get.”

“Good for you, man.”

The clerk smiles. “Wanna watch it? It’s not long, I just finished cumming in her.”

“Yeah I’ll watch.”

The movie starts and can see the large cock pulsing. The audio isn’t good, but the woman is moaning loudly. The pudgy man’s cock is slowly pulling out. You see the pussy grirping it tightly as it retreats. Then you hear, “Wait, put it back in, I want to enjoy its size!”

The audio is broken but you think that’s hot. You look at the clerk and say, “My girlfriend has never said that to me.”

The clerk laughs.

You watch and finally the cock comes out bringing a trail of cum. You can hear the woman moan out. You nod to the clerk and walk away.

You notice the women in the shop have disappeared. You look for the booth. You hear a TV on. You look around. “What the hell, my turn to have had some fun!”

You find the holes. You peek in. The two women are playing with themselves. You stand up and take a breath, then drop you pants and put your cock in.

A few minutes pass, and you feel a hand grasp your cock. You get hard fast as the hand strokes you. Then you feel two tongues run up and down your shaft. A pair of lips wrap around the knob of your cock and gentle sucking starts.

It’s too much like usual for you and you buckle and start cumming. The mouth retreats as you cum, but a hand strokes you till you’re done.

The other side giggles. “Need to work on that stamina!”

You pull your pants up and head out quickly, not wanting to be seen by those two.