Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

The next morning Rachel goes about as though nothing happened. When you try to bring up yesterday’s events she just gives you a hug and kisses you. “I’m sure we can sort it all out when we meet John.” Your heart lifts, and you think about how you’re going to smack John senseless.

You arrive at Rachel’s workplace at 7:55am. The place is empty as your girlfriend guides you to John’s office and knocks lightly on his door.

“Enter!” shouts John.

You push through the door to see John leaning back in his chair, his feet up on the desk. “Good to see you Ross. Take a seat! You look divine Rachel-”

“Shut up you shit!”

“Ross, honey, you need to calm down. We’re here to sort this out,” says Rachel, smiling at you.

“Okay. But he better watch his mouth.”

John grins at both of you. “I agree with your girlfriend here Ross. I was watching her mouth very closely yesterday, and she knows what to do,” he chuckles, winking at Rachel who turns beet-red and looks at the floor.

“I said watch it John. I’m warning you-”

“Alright. Let’s be reasonable. I propose that we both tell your girlfriend here what we want, and let her give us her answer. Sound fair, Rachel?”

Your girlfriend nods her assent. John looks at you.

“Fine!” you blurt out. “I’ll go first!”

John nods. “Sure thing Ross, she’s your girlfriend so it’s fitting you get first crack.”

You turn to her. “Rachel, I don’t know what happened yesterday, but what’s done is done. I want you to quit this job and leave this morning. Ignore John. I’ll deal with him once you’re gone.” There is a popping sound and you realize that you’re clenching your fists so hard that your knuckles cracked.

“Thanks Ross. Well said! My turn now,” says John, leaning forward onto the desk. “Rachel, yesterday was certainly a big mistake. You accidentally sent me that picture. I realize you didn’t mean to, but you did.”

Your girlfriend nods, smiling.

“I took advantage of you,” he continues. “I couldn’t help myself. I’ve been wanting a piece of you since the day you started here, hell, every man here has-”

“Get to the point, asshole” you rumble.

“Sure, fine. Okay,” continues John. “Rachel, what I would like is for you right now, to give your boyfriend exactly what you gave me yesterday. You know, as a reward for being a good sport about it all.”

You rise out of your chair, ready to haul him over the desk, when you feel Rachel’s hand on your arm.

“Sit down honey. It’s fine,” she says, pulling you back down. You slump back as she leans forward and undoes her dress, pulling it down to expose her bra-less breasts. She silently kneels down in front of you and reaches for your zipper. You sit there speechless as she reaches in and feels for your dick. She starts stroking it.

So he’s a chicken-shit pervert after all, you think, feeling your dick grow. John leans forward over the desk and pushes your girlfriend’s head forward and she opens her lips, sliding them down over your dick. Her warm mouth feels amazing, her tongue gliding over your shaft. She withdraws and John pushes her back down. You start to feel creeped out by this pervert helping your girlfriend give you a blow job and you pull her head off.

Rachel looks up at you. “It’s okay Ross, if this is what my boss wants then just let me do it,” she says, leaning forwards again. Her words send you over the edge, and you start cumming. She keeps sucking until every last drop is gone and you start to soften. Looking over at the clock you notice its 8:30am, and you can hear the sounds of people starting to arrive at work.

“Well done Rachel! My, my — that was quick! I notice that you didn’t gag at all. I guess one needs a seven-inch cock for that!” chuckles John. “How was that Ross? Your girlfriend really does know how to suck cock doesn’t she?”

You’re exhausted and can’t be bothered with John’s taunts, so you just nod in agreement.

Turning his attention to your girlfriend, John speaks. “Now Rachel, you’ve been a good girl. Now that you’re all warmed up, would you like to suck my cock now? I bet that quick-fire little six incher left you a bit high and dry hasn’t it?” Rachel just nods. “Well then, if you need a real cock, get that dress off.”

“But people are arriving! I can hear them!” Rachel whispers.

“Even so, I can’t fuck you with it on now, can I? Ross, close the door please, unless you want an audience?”

“Wait a minute! She did what you said, that’s enough-”

“You want to fuck me now?” interjects Rachel.

Ignoring Rachel’s question John turns to you. “Yes she did. That was supposed to prove she obeys me now. Hmm. Maybe she is as confused as you are?”

Turning to your girlfriend he says, “My dear Rachel, did you think that you just bought me off by sucking your boyfriend off in my office? Surely not — you just obeyed my every command just now!”

Looking back to you John chuckles again. “I won’t let it be said I’m not a fair man!” Returning his attention to your girlfriend, he leers at her. “Last chance Rachel, admit you belong to me or resign this instant!”

Both of you look at Rachel, hanging on her decision.