Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Oh Ross… that was so amashing… can we go the men’s basshroom?” Rachel asks you, her eyes glazed over and her breath stinking of alcohol. Rachel was always a lightweight but she must have had pretty big drinks for her to be this wasted.

You worry about your girlfriend getting fucked even more and probably getting filled with more sperm and getting pregnant by strangers but you’re pretty drunk too and can’t deny your once pristine, conservative, girlfriend turned hot-to-trot slut.

You agree to her squeals and kisses on your cheeks, and she holds your arm like she used to do in college. It makes you feel like such a real man. You walk up with her to the bathroom door as a wobbly woman walks out held up by a man. Cum is clearly dripping from between her legs in great big dollops as she walks.

When the men in line see Rachel being walked up to the bathroom there is a huge cheer.

“I’m gonna get us drinks and be back in a minute babe. Go ahead and see what it’s like inside,” you say, give her a kiss and send her inside.

After trying to get a drink for nearly thirty minutes then giving up, you make your way over to the men’s bathroom to find a line of three men and some hooting coming from inside. You try to push your way in, but two of the guys reach out and place their hands in your chest saying, “Wait your turn asshole… we’re getting our turns before your skinny ass!”

Your first thought is to punch both of them out but you think twice when you really see them. They are both at least six inches taller and probably have 50-75 pounds on you.

You say sorry and get in line. You wait and wait, and watch dumbfounded as man after man leaves the bathroom. You can clearly see there are dozens of men inside there still. And every time the first guy in line tries to go in, the men inside say, “No room! You gotta wait!”

After nearly two hours, enough guys leave the bathroom for you to get inside. There is a line of guys twenty long behind you.

When you get inside it’s surprisingly clean and fresh smelling. You think to yourself that it’s probably the cleanest bathroom you’ve ever seen in a public place.

Then you hear the men hooting and grunting.

“Oh fuck this pussy is goddamn tight!”

“You should get your cock in this asshole man! It’s trying to pinch my cock off!”

“This hot mouth is magical!”

“Give it to that hot bitch! She’s in heat!”

“Aww fuck! I’m cumming inside this hot ass pussy! Nngghhh! Nngghhh! Nngghhh!”


And so it goes for at least another hour before you get close enough to see Rachel.

You see the top of her head first. Then she looks up at you with a big fat cock in her mouth that is stretching out her lips to their limit. She looks like something out of a graphic novel with her mouth in a giant “O,” her cheeks hollowed, and her eyes wide open in panic.

Rachel is bent over a metal round top trash can with another man massaging her tits, and a big black man behind her pumping his hips back and forth and slapping her ass cheeks.

When Rachel sees you she seems to try murmuring something to you, but the big fat cock in her mouth is preventing her from doing that.

Suddenly a man comes and stands next to her face, jerks his big cock a few times and lets loose with a torrent of thick white cum all over the top of her blonde hair and left cheek. There is so much cum that it streamed down her cheek, along her jawline and dripped down to the floor below her face.

Looking at the floor makes you notice another big pool of what looks like dozens of loads of cum on the floor between her legs.

At the moment you realize your girlfriend was probably impregnated by now, the big black man thrusts into Rachel’s pussy hard, pulling back in her hips at the same time and grunts over and over again like a gorilla. He pulls back and a gush of his cum streams down between her legs to add to the growing pool of sperm at her feet.

Now you know for sure she is going to be pregnant.