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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Rachel bursts out laughing. “Steady on big fella! It’s early days, I don’t think I want to go that far just yet!”

You silently breathe a sigh of relief, but can’t help noticing a pang of disappointment. Having Rachel all to yourself will have to do for now you think. For now? Where did that come from?

Rachel walks over to you and hugs you tightly, smothering you with a deep kiss.

“Oh god, you were fantastic — the way you just mauled me and bent me over like I was a piece of meat — I think I need that more often. Thank you so much for agreeing to sext me at work. I love you soooo much, Ross!”

With that, she saunters out of the kitchen, her hips swaying. You marvel at the way her butt moves from side to side, and your eyes drift down to her gorgeous legs. You smile to yourself as you notice the cum has now reached almost to her knees. You mentally pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

The rest of the evening goes uneventfully; watching TV, wearing track pants and sweaters before heading off to bed. As you’re brushing your teeth, Rachel wraps her arms around you from behind and reaches into your pants, and starts squeezing your growing dick. After a minute or two of slow stroking, she whispers in your ear. “Oh my, it seems you’re ready for round two!”

You drop the toothbrush in the sink, spit, and turn to her. She’s put on her work clothes again. Haha you think, she really is getting off on this! You reach forward and undo the top buttons of “that” dress and marvel at the way her boobs push at the opening. Reaching in, you squeeze and pinch her nipples. She leans her head back and opens her mouth in a deep sigh.

“Fuck me,” she gasps.

You don’t hesitate, spinning her around, bending her over the counter and pushing the dress up over her hips.

“No panties huh? You naughty girl,” you grunt as you shove your dick into her warm and wet pussy.

Grabbing her waist, you really thrust into your girlfriend, feeling the resistance of her buttocks as you slam into them. She raises her head looking into your eyes in the mirror. Smiling, Rachel reaches back and takes your hand, leading it toward her mouth again. What a whore, you think, as you slowly pump your fingers in and out of her willing mouth.

“You like this huh?”

Rachel does her best to nod.

“Which IT geek is fucking you? Tim or Dan?”

“Anm Dmn is fuckin mm me!” your girlfriend gurgles around your fingers.

“So I guess you’re sucking on Tim then?” you ask, easing your fingers out of her mouth.

“Yes,” is all Rachel says before sliding her pretty lips over your fingers and sucking on them, running her tongue around like she is making love to a cock. The sensation is too much, and you give one last thrust, emptying your balls into her soaked pussy. Slowly you start to extract your fingers from her still sucking mouth.

“Domt s’op! Dn’t s’op! Timn, plee Tin, Tinm,” Rachel gargles again around your fingers, her eyes never leaving yours. “I’m al’mst umming!”

You renew thrusting with your fingers, pushing them deep into her mouth until she begins to gag, then slowly extracting them, smiling as you see her lean forward, chasing your fingers as though she is afraid they won’t come back. Suddenly Rachel shudders, moaning loudly, panting trying to catch her breath. You both stagger out and collapse on the bed.

“Jesus Christ! What was that!” You look over at your girlfriend. She’s positively glowing with a smile a mile wide.

“I don’t know — I just can’t seem to get the idea outta my head,” Rachel replies. “The thought of being used like that by two men — it’s crazy, but-”

“Two ‘men’?” you laugh. “Seems like you have two specific men in mind!”

Rachel blushes at this. “Oh my god, I can’t believe I said those things! I’m such a whore!”

You both laugh sleepily and snuggle under the covers.