Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel feels like she is on fire. After the very close inspection she got from the gigantic and gorgeous bouncer, she wants so much to be touched by a giant cock. Rachel looks around and gets set up in a dark corner of the club. She wants a stranger to grope her again.

Rachel gets Ross to dance a couple of songs with her and she moves like an exotic dancer. Her hips sway and her torso twists in a sexy way she has never done before. She feels very liberated.

“Get me a drink!” Rachel leans in and shouts in her boyfriend Ross’s ear. It’s so loud he almost can’t hear her but he nods, understanding from the tilted air glass motion of her hands, and head off to the bar.

Almost immediately a pair of guys move in and begin dancing with her, one in front and one in back. The one in front is a big tall guy… not nearly as big as the bouncer but definitely a few inches taller than Ross and noticeably bigger and more muscled.

They sandwich Rachel between them and close the distance in less than a minute. Rachel just goes with it because this is exactly how her fantasy goes — Ross goes off to get her a drink, a stranger or two comes up to dance with her, then they get a bit handsy and become inflamed when they find out she has no underwear on. Then she’ll feel up their hardons and tease them before Ross returns with the drinks and she goes off with her boyfriend, leaving the strangers with blue balls.

Except Ross doesn’t come back like she thought.

Wanting a drink desperately, Rachel begins to look around. The man in front suddenly gives her a drink. It looks like a vodka cranberry.

Not really thinking, Rachel takes it and drinks it down. It tastes like a vodka cranberry. Rachel drinks until the straw is gurgling at the bottom.

The man takes her cup and closes in again to dance with her. Feeling a bit refreshed by the drink, Rachel returns to dance with the man.

Before the next song is over she is handed a second drink. Rachel wonders how the man gets his drinks so fast when Ross has been gone for nearly fifteen minutes and is nowhere to be seen. Rachel drinks that one down too. She is very thirsty from shaking her body against this man… and the man behind her.

She dances three, four, five dances with these guys with each dance making them bolder and bolder.

The guy had slipped a roofie in the first drink that Rachel downed, and a shot of female fertility drug in the second. The roofie would make her very pliable… it wasn’t a full dose so she will remain awake, but very suggestible, and the fertility drug would ramp up her sex drive to ten times normal while making her more fertile. And it was working. The woman was getting very loose.

By the fifth song, the big guy in front who gave her the drugs in the drinks had his hand under her dress fingering her and the guy behind her had her tits in his hands and his crotch pressed up against her ass.

Rachel didn’t think much of the fact that by the fifth song, the man in front was kissing her neck and cheeks and had three big fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. The man behind her rocked his big hard-on up and down her crack, and he must have been holding on to her tits for nearly twenty minutes by that time.

“Oh you’re so fucking hot to trot baby… you like having my big fingers in your twat don’t you?” the man in front of her says to Rachel as he takes a long lick of her skin from the bottom of her neck to her ear, sucking her ear into his mouth.

Rachel was feeling so sexy, and the strangers fingers inside her felt so good. She wondered how big his penis was and how it might feel inside her tingling pussy right at that moment when he asked her those questions.

“So good… love them in there!” Rachel heard herself say to the total stranger.

Then something was happening. The man pulled his fingers out of her and seemed to be shouting at someone else. Rachel turned to see… someone… very familiar, shouting with the stranger who had his nice fingers inside her pussy a moment ago.

Then the man punched the other man who went down to the ground and didn’t stand up again. The stranger who was fingering her a minute ago and punched the man she thought she knew, returned and jammed his fingers back up Rachel’s dress and into her eager pussy again like he owned it.

“Oh God that feels so good!” Rachel said what she was thinking impulsively.

“Yeah… I’m gonna make you squirt on my hand baby… then I’m gonna take you out back and fuck the shit outta you!” the stranger says to Rachel who smiles weakly as an orgasm overtakes her sensibilities.

Buckling at the knees, Rachel falls into the arms of the man. The other guys are nowhere to be seen. The man half-carries Rachel to the back where an enormous shadow appears in front of them.

“You ain’t takin’ this one man… go find another hot blonde. I got dibs!” a thunderous and very familiar voice says to the man who leans Rachel up against the wall and steps back to disappear.

Rachel was scooped up into the big black man’s arms and a very familiar clean smell entered Rachel’s nostrils making her smile.