Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eight...)

Back to your POV…

“Wow babe that was a long shower,” you say as your girlfriend comes downstairs.

“You put cum everywhere, that’s hard to get off!” she retorts.

“Sorry dear.”

“Ready to head home?”

“Did you get my purple crotch-less you dog?”


“Let’s go.” She turns and gives the pudgy clerk a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks for videoing us.”

You two head home and watch your video “We are very inexperienced for movies,” your girlfriend laughs.

“Well you’re hot at least,” you say as you tickle her.

“Stop your tease, pass me your phone,” she asks.

“Okay why?”

“Just looking for pizza and my phone is the kitchen.”

You hand it to her and she starts playing with it. “What’s Hyperdreams?”

“Ummm it’s a…”

She laughs. “You didn’t close it. Apparently, I’m fucking my boss?”

“Ah shit… give that back,” you say as you playfully try to wrestle it away.

She hops out of bed giggling.

“You know you’re supposed to delete your browser history, I wonder what you watch on generic… Oh wife-sharing, threesomes, gangbangs! Oh my!”

“Hey those are private fantasies!”

“Oh, do you fantasize about the girl being me?”

You think for a minute. “I guess a bit, if I am being honest!” you say, slightly embarrassed.

Rachel pauses for minute, her playful ness on hold. “What if we make a video like that?”

“Videos like that?” You try to hide your excitement at this prospect.

“Well it’s our private tapes and no one needs to see them. And if seeing me with other men makes you happy, then I am willing to help.”

“LOL! Yeah maybe start with the pudgy clerk, I bet he’s still a virgin!” you laugh.

Your girlfriend looks out the window. “Yeah, that’d be a good one!”

A commercial plays on the TV while you contemplate this idea.

PREVENT X, the once a year pill guaranteed to keep those unwanted surprises at bay, after a good night out. Just listen to one of are satisfied customers.

“Ever since I became head cheerleader for our home team my workload has doubled. PREVENT X keeps everything at bay. Now I can focus more at after game events!”

Take your PREVENT X today and go to bed anywhere safe. Side effects may include…

“Maybe if we do this, we should make sure we’re safe sweetie,” you suggest.

“Already done. I take my birth control and my PREVENT X, I’m good till next year.”

“Good, we don’t want end up like the people of the 2020’s.”

You both laugh. “How did we make it through those days?”

You think to yourself. What’s the harm? It’s a movie that you get to watch. But on the other hand your girlfriend would be having sex with others. You know Rachel has never been with other men. Lots of thoughts keep running through your mind.

“We don’t have to even go to the shop we can just make it ourselves,” Rachel says as she grabs hold of your cock. Her mouth wraps around it and she starts a slow suck all the way down and up. You watch your cock disappear and slowly reappear.

“What about with other women for a film?” you ask.

She looks up and nods and continues her motion.

The thought of having sex with other women gets you excited, but not as much as potentially watching your girlfriend. And this frightens and excites you.

Rachel picks up speed with your cock. Her hand has now come up and is stroking your chest as she continues her momentum. You can no longer last and you start to cum. She continues sucking, causing your legs to shake as she swallows it all.

“We can do it solo and make that Hyperdreams boss a reality.” She smiles at you.

You think to yourself, what’s the real harm? “Okay we’ll do it, but we need to be together… to trial it first I guess.”

She smiles and leaves for the bathroom.