Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

The big white man who punched you backpedalled and went back into the club to prey on another woman. He was pissed because he had found his perfect victim, a beautiful blonde, blue-eyed woman who was hot to trot and extremely suggestible. She had taken his drugged drinks without question, which was increasingly rare in this world and ready to be taken over and over again all night long. Oh well.

He was brooding because normally he could fight or intimidate other men easily, but that big black bouncer was easily twice his size and probably ten times stronger. He once saw the big man lift up a man clearly bigger than himself over his head and throw him almost ten feet.

The predator suddenly sees another very beautiful blonde, blue-eyed woman who looks like she could be a twin to the first one swaying to the music with several men dancing and being handsy with her. “Perfect,” he thought and got his drugs ready.

The bouncer carrying Rachel looked down at her as he made his way down the basement hall toward his office and apartment. He had made a deal with the owner to live free at the club for double duty as the night watchman.

He had nearly five hours of relax time because he just needed to be around to supervise the other bouncers at close. Right now was time to focus on this amazingly beautiful white girl in his arms.

Locking his heavy metal door and pulling the heavy velvety curtain that helped soundproof his little apartment, the man placed the woman on his Montana king bed. The woman stretched out and began rubbing herself all over and the bouncer knew she had been drugged by that white asshole up top.

He had no problems taking advantage of another man’s efforts to get a beautiful woman, especially one as delectable as this one. Stripping down to his birthday suit, he helped the woman do the same. She was even more beautiful naked. “What’s your name girl?”

“I’m Rachel. What’s yours, handsome?” Rachel replied back. She was surprisingly eager to feel the smooth dark as midnight ebony skin of the giant man next to her.

“Call me Troy,” the bouncer said and leaned in to kiss her.

Rachel let the man kiss her. It seemed the natural thing to do. She wasn’t sure why she wasn’t in the club dancing, or why this man had taken her dress off, or even why he had taken his clothes off, but he was a pretty man and she felt more sexy than she had ever felt in her life.

Rachel felt like she could have sex with a hundred men and not be satisfied. So when the big black man lay next to her and leaned in to kiss her, Rachel welcomed his big warm lips. She had never kissed a black man before… hell, she had never kissed anyone but her boyfriend before.

Rachel suddenly had a moment of clarity and began to wonder where her boyfriend (what was his name?) was until the big calloused hand grabbed one of her boobs. The feeling was electric for Rachel and wiped clean any thought other than the amazing feeling on her boob.

Rachel kissed the man back hard and reached subconsciously for his penis which she knew was big. Rachel’s thought process was all over the place and she began to wonder how she knew he had a big one, then she remembered being patted down by him earlier in the night when she came into the club. It made her smile. She had always wondered about men who had very big penises.

She had used to work as a home health aide and she had seen her share of penises… small and large. You just never knew who might have large ones, but she had a very strong feeling Troy had a very big one.

And she was right. It was an absolute monster. It was longer and thicker than her entire forearm from elbow to wrist and the head of it was nearly the size of her fist.

Before she knew it, her hand had wrapped itself around his thick, warm shaft and was stroking him slowly.

“Yeah Rachel… that’s good… keep stroking Troy’s big black cock,” the man said, encouraging Rachel.

Troy reached down to feel that tight little pussy again. It was even more wet than when she was being patted down at the entrance earlier in the night. His big finger slipped into her pussy just fine. He could feel her tight little white pussy grip his forefinger with more force than he thought was possible from such a little white thing.

Troy pushed his longer middle finger into her and Rachel had her first orgasm. Rachel had never felt so stretched out. She couldn’t remember ever having anything so thick inside her vagina other than her two children when she birthed them.

Rachel’s orgasm was sudden and intense. Her entire body shook from head to toe and it was hard to breathe. She felt her vagina getting extremely wet, and felt it clamping down on the big black fingers inside her. She could feel the callouses on his knuckles. It made her shiver.